Sex marathon before divorce

You are making me remember things, David Bondze-Mbir. And it ain’t funny.

I went to work one Friday, wearing a short skirt with no panties on, the morning after I had found out my husband was meeting his side chick at a hotel to spend the weekend. He told me he had an assignment outside Accra to attend for two days.

Luckily for me, I knew someone who worked at the hotel’s reception. So I asked her to draw my attention to either of them going there to book a room for that day. I had seen the picture of the lady he was screwing, so I sent it to her. I added that of my husband too.

I found out my husband had gone there first to wait for her. He had described vividly what he wanted his hoe to be doing to him that weekend. I got his room number and rushed there 45 minutes after he had arrived.

I knocked and he opened the door. Right in front of me, I gave him the dirtiest slap he had ever had. He was horrified and in shock.

Suddenly we were drawing a crowd so I pushed him back in and locked the door behind me. He began apologizing but I wasn’t interested. I pushed him on the bed and rushed on him.

He was defenceless. I undressed and gave him a head. It was the hottest blowjob ever. I went to the fridge, took an ice cube and put it in his asshole. I pushed him a little further off the edge of the bed and started riming him.

He started Cumming profusely. I got him all aroused. Again, I pinned him to the bed, then the floor, then to the walls, driving him inside me while I wrapped my legs behind my back, grinding him roughly and every position imaginable.

In the bathroom was hot and he cried. We went at it for two days, only stopping to order food or sleep. His woman came over, I sacked her but I assured her of giving him to her after Sunday evening.

I divorced him afterwards. He said he was sorry and I forgave him. We had four kids together and were married for 13 years.

I am married to my new guy for 9 years. We have two kids together and still grinding like crazy.

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