“Sex is my language”

Ama I love sex, I really do. Just because sex is an afterthought for you doesn’t mean it should be for me too. You expect me to be engaging, communicative and connected to feel in touch with me. Sex is my language for all the three things you say you want. So if I am doing a little bit of each of the three things you expect me to do, give me my sex too.
Sex is my strongest emotional connection to you. I feel wanted when you give me good sex without making it seem like a chore or duty. I feel energized, bold and refreshed to relate with you and the children better when you make love to me. I do my best to support the home, yet most evenings you have a headache. You come up with all these excuses just to prevent us from having sex. It’s really not nice. I feel hurt when I come across as the guy coercing you into sex.
You think you are the only one working but I work too.

You think you are responsible for the children but they are my children too. They are my responsibility and I do the best I can at home. You think you are stressed but I am stressed out too. I’m tired of trying to get your attention when it comes to things that matter to me. That’s why I am spending more time outside home.
The people out there don’t reject my advances. They want what I can offer. They desire me. I am not selfish, you pushed me out there with too many empty holes and there is someone out here willing to fill a void. I am willing to come back to my wife if you can change your attitude. I love you

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