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Most of us often look for that man or woman to complete us – when we are considering a new relationship. That man or woman we can imagine sharing our lives with. That’s why a good number of us would rather present ourselves in our best possible light for our imagined ideal partner to like, or just as the one that future man or woman would prefer. However, in this proposal experience this couple found themselves in a totally different, far more soul-enriching episode. – DBM


“My mother owns and operates a Chop Bar in Kumasi. We had never encountered any mishap until my husband and his friends visited my mother’s Bar to eat. My first time of meeting my husband was when this particular incident happened. He and his friends had ordered the same meal (Fufu and Palmnut Soup, with over GHs 35 worth of meat each, on their meals. They were Four (4) in number. They had all almost finished eating everything in the Ayiwa, when one of his friends started to vomit.

You can imagine the horror, because a lot other people were eating the same thing. Initially, we thought he was sick, and were almost about to calm, when one after the other, the remaining Three (3) also started to vomit. At that moment, my mother was in a state of shock. Everyone had stopped eating, and were murmuring and worried about their own health. I was in my third year at KNUST, and had come to collect the remainder of my tuition fees.

I came to meet that incident and my mother couldn’t explain what was going on, so to defend herself, she picked my husband’s Ayiwa, which of course, had his vomits in, and started eating the Fufu. She chewed his meat, drank the soup, to prove a point. There was no poison in the meal: It’s the same food she feeds my dad and siblings with. The food she sells to the public is the same food my family eats… So if those boys were falling sick, then we all (including the workers and any other person who was or had eaten from the Chop Bar that day) had to fall sick too. That was all she was trying to say.

Dave, while mum was at that, some of the men who had witnessed what had happened, carried these four guys to the hospital. At least, that was what we thought. That day, everyone eating at the Chop Bar at the time of the incident, refused to pay for the food they had eaten. It was very scary and embarrassing. And mum incurred so much debt that day. She had to throw away every meal being prepared, for the fear of further embarrassment.

Two (2) weeks after the incident, I saw one of the guys in one my lectures. I was almost about to talk to him, to ask about how he and his friends were doing, when I overhead his circle of friends talking about planning another free-lunch escape. So, these boys would locate a Chop Bar, stage the perfect victims to food-poisoning, and then, run away without paying for the meals. And this included whoever would offer to take these ‘victims’ to the nearest hospital. That was how they were surviving on Campus when they run out of money.

Fortunately or unfortunately, he could not recognize me. Would you believe my mother was blaming herself for her negligence?

I met my husband again, two months later after the incident. We were preparing to write a semester exams – so almost everyone was busy studying or doing something else serious. He did not recognize me either. So I intentionally fixed myself in his life, by accidentally stalking him – till he noticed me. And when he noticed me, he forgot about his studies. He liked me. He wanted to know and date me, and I led him on to. My Uncle was with the Police Unit, and he had heard about the unfortunate incident at my mother’s Chop Bar. I arranged with him, exactly what I had planned for my husband. Initially, Uncle wanted to come and arrest my husband and his friends, but I had a better score to settle. We had become so close, he started to believe he was in love with me. I told him I was in love too. A week to finish with our examination, I went with him to one of his friend’s hostel, and lo and behold, all four guys and some extras I couldn’t recognize were present. I sent my Uncle a text message, and an hour later, all four guys and the extras, had been arrested by my Uncle and his colleague officers, all in uniform. What was their crime? Something terrible had happened to me too, after eating the rice and Shito and Sardine they were all eating: convulsion, I think, and they didn’t know what to do.

My Uncle had received my text to their room number, and had been there on time to arrest them. He and his friends, punished them so well, kept them at the station for two days, until their parents had to come over to ‘bail’ them. The amounts combined, settled my mother’s debt/cost for that day’s unfortunate incident. I felt so sorry for my husband the next time I set my eyes on him, and that was the following semester. Oh, and they were almost accused of gang rape, by my Uncle.

When my husband called me that new semester, he looked different, cautious, changed, and humble. He wasn’t sure about us. He wanted to know what had happened to me that day. I encouraged him to let bygones be bygones, and that was the last time he ever brought up the subject of the events leading to his arrest. He wanted to date me, again, and I wasn’t sure as to whether or not I was interested. I did like the ‘new’ him. I had avenged my mum’s battle, and so, there were no real, ill-feelings towards him. He insisted we considered dating, and I gave it a try.

A whole lot about me changed over the months. I became quieter than the usual me, which my mother and Uncle found it to be weird. I was still me, only, that time round, something different had happened to me: A beautiful different! It happened to me unexpectedly. That awe-inspiring, flabbergasted feeling, and the fact that, everything was happening rather so quickly for me, but at the same time, it felt real, that true and right.

Isn’t it really incredible when someone comes into your life and you naa you know, were expecting absolutely nothing out of it, but out of the blue, right there in your face, was everything you ever needed? Something about my husband started to click. I was comfortable with him, like I had known him my entire life, and that, I didn’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything. I was just me.

Five (5) years later, I introduced him to my mother, and none of them could recognize the other, which was a relief. He bought the same meal he and friends had eaten that day of the incident, and I served him with a heart. While eating, my mother joined his table to chat with him, because I had made her know that he was ‘The One’. He told my mother he wanted to marry me, and promised to take very good care of me and my little brother. I wasn’t seated by the table, I had taken my mother’s position to sell/serve food – while she got to know my husband.

Then my mother screamed at the top of her voice, and then got up to sing and dance. She was so happy. I think that was when he told her his plans to want to get married to me as soon as possible. It’s been 10 good years since our wedding day. We have three kids together.”- From WBI

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