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Good Morning David, I hope you are doing well. On the issue of divorce, let me share an experience from my parents with you. They have been married for 42 years, but they live like strangers now. I can even describe them as enemies.

My mother just doesn’t want to be at the presence of my father because he has five kids aside the children he has with my mother. He is now living with his mistress or second wife and I say that because, I am not aware that he has performed any marital rites on her.

My mother is bitter about the whole situation. Now, one question I have always asked myself is why she didn’t walk away from all these at the early stage. My Dad is not able to visit us. If we his kids want to visit him, how do we relate to him and his other family?

It’s one headache that personally I have been having. The men shouldn’t think that cheating is a man’s thing, they are not only destroying the woman they promised to love forever, they destroy the kids as well in the process of their escapades. In North America, the people of Utah State predominantly Mormons, practice polyandry.

In South America, the Bororo practiced polyandry while up to 70 percent of Amazonian cultures believed in the principle of multiple paternity. “The Tupi-Kawahib also practice fraternal polyandry. It is therefore important to know the reality so as to confront it. Religion, Western Culture and Telenovelas have created so many mirages that have never fit into any existing culture of marriage.

Marriage itself is evolving just as human beings are. Know what you are bargaining for, and live with it. In as much as it depends on you, choose a relationship that gives peace of mind and the one that glorifies your maker

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