Hi Dave, please I want you to post this issue which is bothering me. Please keep me anonymous. My partner and I work in a small town. We live in a two bedroom self contained house. My partner travels to the state every March and comes back in September. In 2020 about 2 weeks for him to travel, he told me a man once helped him when he was in the university and the man is deceased and left behind a son. So he wants to bring the guy to come live with us so he could find something for him to do.

I told him I can’t live with someone I don’t know anywhere since he was about to travel. And that he could help him without him coming to live with us. Or he could rent a place for him if he wants him to come and live in the town. We quarreled about this issue several times and in the end, he brought in the guy. He left a week after. Because of COVID-19 he couldn’t come last year so he would be coming in September 2021.

My problem now is, this guy is always sitting in the hall half naked. When I’m in the hall watching TV, this guy will come and sit there with only his boxers with his manhood drawing in the boxers and acting in a way. Because of that, I’m always in my room. He would serve me food as if I’m a queen when I come back from work. I took my laundry to wash but was called to work and when I came back to wash, he has washed all the laundry including my panties and brasseries.

I questioned him and he said it’s nothing to wash ladies panties. I sensed something fishy. That same day, I was in my room and went to the hall to do ironing and bumped on him naked. I rushed to my room and locked the door. I called my finance to try to make the guy move out of the house. But he would not hear anything I say. I told his brother that I’m not comfortable living in the same house with the guy but he told his brother the guy is so innocent and respectful and I’m the one who didn’t  like the guy from the beginning.

Hmm, just last Friday afternoon, I came home to get some money and I heard someone moaning,I peeped into his room and this guy was masturbating and moaning just so I can hear. Now the urge to have sex with the guy is so strong I don’t know what to do. He is always on my mind. Sometimes I want to sleep with him to avenge my guy for not listening to me but the love I have for him prevents me from doing it. He has really helped me and has been so good to me. I don’t want to betray him but I’m always horny since I saw this guy naked. The urge to sleep with him is so strong. What do I do? Should I sack him from the house myself? Thanks.

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