Secret DNA

Dave, at what point does a man tell his wife to stop lying. I’m pissed right now; I can kill her if she opens up that mouth of hers again. Her excuse is she doesn’t know how it is possible for my son not to be my biological son.

I did a secret DNA to confirm my mother’s suspicions and she is insisting we didn’t send the right sample of the boy. My son is not my son and I want her to confirm the result before us.

She is crying and saying all sorts of lies. She says she was dating whoever he is and me at the same time but settled on me and stopped seeing him. How is it possible, that he isn’t mine even after ending things with the other guy? Dave, I grew up not knowing who my biological Dad was.

My wife knows this background and had promised to make me proud as a father. She is still insisting I am the only man she’s been sleeping with since we became exclusive. But my son is not mine. How can anyone else explain this?

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