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When a woman has been in the whole dating game for years on end, she gets to a point where she’d be done dealing with all sorts of BS just for the sake of ‘putting herself out there’. This woman has purpose, drive, motivation, a sense of urgency… Something for something. She does not just exist. She knows exactly what she wants from a man, friendship and love.

And she rewarded herself accordingly. – DBM


“I found a business card, with a name, work address, contact number and email contact, on the floor of the washroom at work. It belonged to a lady, who did not work in my company. It was either someone had accidentally lost/left the card in the washroom, or it had been intentionally slipped there. There was a written note with ink at the back of the card. That’s what caught my attention:

‘I am searching for you!

I’m single, in my early 30’s, hardworking, very unpredictable, fun to be with, simple and seriously looking for my better-half. If you are him, do get in touch. If you are not him, kindly leave the card exactly where you found it.

Thank you, boss!’

I didn’t know how many other people had seen or come across the card, but I felt like keeping it on me. I kept it on me, and kept reading her message over and over, but was indecisive as to what to do with it. I searched for her name on Facebook. There was no profile picture of her on her status. She just had a picture of flowers.

I was very curious, and wanted to hear the tone of voice behind the unassuming character. I called her phone number, and she answered my call on the first ring. It was like she was expecting my call.

“You found my card?” she asked, instead of the usual ‘Hello!’

I smiled and responded. She thanked me for calling and then re-introduced herself on phone to me. She then asked me to tell her about myself. I didn’t feel comfortable with what was going on, so I asked her out on a date – to introduce myself to her. I wasn’t very sure about the date, but what wouldn’t kill a man? Secondly, I loved the sound of her voice too, so I looked forward to meeting with her. I had been single for Two (2) years and also needed someone to give my attention and heart to.

We met at our agreed venue, and I liked what I saw. Nothing spectacular, but simple enough to want to spend an hour or two with. She wouldn’t stop smiling upon seeing me. In fact, her warm welcome with a smile relaxed my nerves. She liked me too, I guessed. We shook hands, and then hugged (she initiated the hug) before even greeting each other. It felt so easy, though I was very nervous when I set my eyes on her.

We had lunch (I ordered for Rice, she opted for Konkontey). I mean, this girl had no ‘shyness’ in her. She was so much of herself, I think I started feeling comfortable in her presence, and kind of began liking her for who she was. She talked to me as if we had known each other for ages.

I told her all there was to know about me, and she thanked me for that. She took my hands into hers – on the table, and then told me how much she appreciated me for getting in touch. I asked her if she would consider dating me:

“I will consider marrying you!” she cried

“But why me?” I asked

“But why not you?” she said, still smiling

Before saying our goodbyes, she gave me her personal contact number. The phone number on the business card was just for the ‘Man hunt’, though every other information on it was legit. She asked me if she could take out that sim card from her phone – in order to prevent other callers. I didn’t know what to say. I thought it was her personal decision to make, but no, she wanted my word on whether or not I was seriously going to know (date) her.

She did not want to be encouraging other interested men on, knowing she liked me… So I consented to her taking out the sim from the phone.

Throughout our Three (3) months dating period, I fell in love with her warm, very pleasant, extremely kind, affectionate, caring, and wholly positive personality. She was friendly enough with me, and made attempts to understand me. I availed myself for her to rely on, I became responsible and encouraged her to have confidence in me. She was there for me at a point when things were rough at work.

My love for her had grown deep, strong and genuine. And, we had known ourselves for just three months. She allowed a healthy friendship to develop between us in those same months and there was a huge difference in our lives. Our relationship rocked!

Individually, we had different personal responsibilities on our shoulders, and a lot of the time, were overwhelmed at times. However, we ensured not to take everything that seriously always. We made sure we had created enough room for fun. She intentionally made sure I did not have to worry about her and her safety, etc. She did not stress me with problems and drama and wants. She allowed me to focus on me, and also for me to have fun. We enjoyed each other a lot and it helped not only to relieve unnecessary tension but also brought us closer than ever.

When I was certain she was the woman for me to marry, I made friends with one of her colleagues at work, and planned my simple proposal strategy with her. I took a beautiful picture of myself, on one knee, and wrote at the back of the printed hard copy,

‘Will you please marry me’?

And I arranged for it to be placed on the floor of her washroom, the same way I accidentally came across her business card.

Dave, at this point in life, it’s not so much about what MAKES SENSE – when it comes to love. People are people, and none of us can change any of that, that is why only those men and women who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is actually possible to go.

What we have to do and the way we have to do it would be incredibly simple to/for us if only we would be that willing to want to do it. My wife did it the ‘crazy’ way. It may have looked like ‘desperation’ on her part to me, initially, but she got more than what she bargained for: She had me, a good man, best made for her… And because of her courage, and purpose in life, I am also doing that which I probably, could not have done, in order to learn how to do it right: I am loving ONLY my wife till death do us part.

My wife took an action that scared her that very day I came across her business card. My company wasn’t her first attempt. She had tried that same process in two different companies. People called or texted to mock her. Some insulted her for being desperate. Some even went as far as publicly humiliating her, but she kept testing her process, kept failing at it but adjusted until she got what she wanted.

Let’s all develop self-confidence by doing the very things we fear and get a record of experiences, be it a success or failure, they’d still be experiences behind us. Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for. It is a thing to be achieved.” – From PLZ


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