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Would you all admit to the fact that, every now and then, we tend to have that one ‘big’ favor to ask someone? What would be your response if that person you need his or her assistance also wants something in return? SEX! Do you also love to have some really, good selxxxxxxzzzzzz? I mean, the excitement and orgasms… Who is that man or woman whose intimate rhythm brings to you that unexplainable pleasure? That was my motivation for this survey. I wanted to know what some of you have been up to. So I in-boxed 20 of you on Facebook, to grant my question an audience: 11 of you responded, and nine (9) out of the responses had offered the ‘cookie’ in return for a good deed from him or her. The remaining two (2) said it was a not not for them. – DBM

“Would you ever trade SEX for a FAVOR?”


“Hehehehehe. Dave, this is an interesting question. Lol! And, why me? Lol! Anyway, let me be honest: Yes! I ever traded sex for favors, but with just one man. He is my husband. Lol! He’s the self-willed type of man whose ‘no’ is really ‘NO!’ So convincing him to do anything else he’s not interested in would only be possible if there is something of his interest worth trading for. He unwillingly would help me in the kitchen as a favor for sex in the kitchen. He would angrily scrub the washroom as a favor for wild sex in the washroom. He babysits as a favor for sex in the living room. He would wash my car as a favor for sex in the car. He comes home early after work as a favor to me for sex that day. And I ensure the sex after the favor is unforgettable, thus, his inability to deny me favors.

It’s working for me actually. We’ve been married for eight years and it’s been favors upon favors. Sometimes, out of his own good heart, he offers to help with the house chores for free, and I still reward him with good sex. I’ve asked him to be faithful to me as a favor, and he’s promised to be with only me – till death separates us. I hope I was able to answer your question?” – From BB (Female, 36 years, Married)


“But of course. Sex is for fun, Dave. I once joined this gym and I liked my instructor very much. I immediately wanted him to be my personal trainer, but he declined. He had many other clients he was working with, he just couldn’t add me to his schedule. So I invited him once to my house for dinner and then brought up my request again. He declined, so I took off my shirt and offered sex for personal training sessions. He loved what he saw and wanted to do almost anything I wanted. I loved to have sex with him. Unfortunately, he was married so it was just sex until I met my current boyfriend.” – From TE (Female, 33 years, dating)


“Hmmmm! My husband had been unemployed for over three years and I was overwhelmed with the responsibilities falling on my shoulders. His current employer was once my boyfriend, but my husband does not know this. He mentioned a vacancy at his firm, assured me my husband would be employed if I gave him back ‘one night’ of our good old memories. It was a one-time thing to secure hubby his job. I do not regret offering sex for my husband’s financial security. Everything happens for a reason.” – From OP (Female, 35 years, Married)


“Never! Sex is not the answer to everything. Why this question by the way?” – From LD (Female, 28 years, Single)


“I doubt it. I place so much value on sex, it’s just not for the fun of it for me. You ought to mean more than just a friend to encourage me to want to sleep with you. Nope, I will never trade sex for any favor.” – From YA (Female, 31 years, dating)

Oh Yelzzzz!

“I love Pizza, and there is one joint owned by a Jamaican man that is really done well. I caught him once checking me out after buying his Pizza, and took advantage of that. I imagined him and I making out and the thought of it alone felt good. We exchanged phone numbers and it’s been sex for Pizza, Pizza for sex. Truth is, sometimes, I really want the sex and also, his Pizza. Other times too I just desire for the Pizza, and sex just turns out to be the best incentive. We are not dating. I have a serious boyfriend, however, we still see each other to meet our needs.” – From CS (Female, 29 years, dating)


“I’m a lawyer, and she needed my services pro bono. I don’t do free until a good reason is given. Sex was put on the table and today, she’s happily divorced.” – From MW (Male, 39 years, Married)


“I have traded sex for a favor. I had been married for seven years without a child. Doctors claimed nothing was wrong with neither my husband nor I, but we weren’t conceiving. I met this nice guy who wouldn’t stop flirting with me. He was in Ghana for a visit. I told him I needed a child, and he suggested we tried. He’s not Ghanaian, but he’s black. We arranged for a meet, and had sex all night long. My husband thought I was attending a friend’s funeral. I got pregnant a few weeks afterwards.” – From JG (Female, 38, Married) 

Of course!

“Hello Dave. Eish, and you’d want me to answer this question truthfully or just tell you what you would want to hear? Because I don’t think I can be honest here. Smfh! Anonymity is all I seek if you’d want my truth. I am the personal assistant (PA) to our General Overseer at church. He’s a great man, very gifted in his field. He’s married with kids, but is a Bisexual. I am very Str8 by the way. Ok, so he offered an opportunity to make extra good money, and I took it. I f**k him three times every week, for a monthly additional salary of GHs 2,500. That’s separate from my actual salary. He gives me gifts on special occasions (ie. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.)

We travel together as part of his ‘A-Team’ to his numerous preaching appointments, and I often spend time with him in his hotel rooms. It’s not like ‘a relationship’ kinda thing. We don’t talk ‘love matters’. It’s purely a give and take business. We respect each other, and I accord him the utmost respect as my head Prophet/Bishop. I don’t judge him in any way. This arrangement hasn’t in any way also affected my relationship with my woman. In fact, this job has given me enough money to take very good care of my home. If he ever would want this ‘thing’ between us to stop, I’d gladly stop it. It wouldn’t change how I feel about him, though I need the money.” – From HQ (Male, 36 years, Married)


“For good grades at school? I’d do it any day, any time, any how.” – From KSA (Female, 23 years, Single)


“Regular orgasms is very important to me. If I am in my best mood and sounding very happy, then it simply could mean I have been aroused for the right reasons. My husband does not satisfy me sexually, and I’ve made this very clear to him. We’ve talked about it and he’s tried to fulfill me but I am still not reaching my apex. My ex-boyfriends all made me feel like a natural woman after sex. So we came to a conclusion that, he allowed me to meet up with platonic male friends that I found to be attractive, to innocently flirt with them to experience that rush of freshness, in exchange for more sex with him (hubby) to perfect the art.

Enjoying a beautiful relationship with a good looking gentleman that turns you on with just his smile, a man who doesn’t share a bedroom with me, and that, my husband is cool with – allows me to feel desirable, wet and horny without necessarily, breaking any trust. These other men in my life, indirectly, spice up my sex life with my husband. With these guys, I can fantasize and own up to a secret life of unimaginable pleasure and infatuation and crush, which honestly, every woman should have. It’s an unexplainable feeling.” – From VR (Female, 34 years, Married)

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