Remove the damn thing with ya mouth

“Dave, good afternoon. Do you know what really turns me on? When a man uses his mouth to remove my pantie – before sex. That act alone makes me ORGASM even before foreplay. I made my husband understand all this during our dating period. He’s never tried it on me. We’ve been married for almost Two (2) years now and I have not orgasmed with him before.

I hate giving blowjobs, but he requests that of me all the time. I do it for him, hoping, he would, in return, consider my request too… but nothing, Dave!

Tomorrow, I am going on a lunch break with my boss (he likes me a lot) and, I am beginning to want to share my fantasies with him. He’s made me know he’d want to f**k me so hard, and help me experience my fantasies. He’s married too, so we’ve both agreed on the ‘no strings attached’ relationship: just sex.

He’s booked a hotel room for us tomorrow afternoon, and I am taking the deal. If a husband cannot meet his wife’s sexual needs, she seeks it else-where.”

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