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Good afternoon Dave, please I need your help on something that is gradually eating me up. I am a Muslim and I have been dating this young Christian lady for about 2 years now. I intended to marry her, but about six months ago, an issue came up about our differences in faith. Obviously both families have raised some concerns about our differences in faith. So, as two mature individuals, we decided to have an open discussion about the matter and see the way forward since none of us was ready to compromise by crossing carpets to either Christianity or Islam. She told me to move on and that I should find a Muslim lady to marry but she still doesn’t want us to quit and that she doesn’t mind playing along.
This set me thinking because true to her words, she changed completely.

The calls and messages were not forthcoming like they used to. Anytime I called her, phone was on call waiting most especially at night. Truth be told, I gave up on her because even when she returned my call, she only tells me it’s just a friend. I just had to pretend I was alright because per what she told me, that I should move on, I also had to understand her that perhaps she was trying to keep herself busy by avoiding me.
Fast forward, it happened that I run into an old time friend. She is a Muslim. We exchanged contacts and we started talking. We became so close that not a single day passes by without the two of us talking. I mustered courage and proposed to her. Unfortunately she told me she is seeing somebody. Interestingly, this somebody isn’t in the country. I pushed further to enquire how she met this somebody and she is like they have never met. It’s rather through her friend abroad who linked her to the abroad guy. So she agreed to the guy’s proposal and he spoke to her parents that he wants to marry their daughter.
She claims she doesn’t love the guy and that it’s me she loves.

To be honest with you, we have made love several times. Her mum likes me so much but she has kept our relationship from her mum because she feels her mum will not be happy with her over the fact that they have all accepted the bugger’s proposal to come and marry her and here she is making out with me as well. She confessed to me that she even fell in love with me way back but because I never proposed to her she also brushed her feelings aside. So the day I asked for her contact to her it’s more like a dream come true.

Dave, I’m a confused man now. Why because as I type this, the Christian lady also showed up about 2 months ago. She asked whether I have found someone. I told her yes but it’s rather a complex situation. She said since it’s not possible for me to marry the Muslim girl because she is kind of engaged, she is still interested in me.

Now we are back together and the other Muslim lady who says she can’t marry me due to the abroad guy is also mad at me. She calls me frequently and sometimes odd hours especially when she knows the other lady is with me. Obviously I can’t marry the first lady due to religion and the second lady too I feel is playing games with me. Please help me, what do I do?

She said she is ready to marry me on condition that she doesn’t convert to Islam.She confessed she couldn’t move on like she tried to because of me. The thing is, I feel guilty whenever she comes around me because I feel I have cheated on her which she isn’t aware. As to what she has also done, well I can’t tell but I’m not so much bothered about that.

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