Greetings Uncle Dave, I have something to tell someone please. How do I even address you now? Yo, babe, love, betrayer? I’m hurt, my heart aches, and I feel weak as I type this. What did I do to deserve this?

At least you should have told me loving and being faithful to you was wrong, so I wouldn’t put in my all. So when I’m being asked “what’s your relationship status?” I wouldn’t proudly say “I’m in a serious relationship and I can’t afford to lose him”. You just broke that trust after four years. I trusted, loved and cared about you. Do I still do?

As it stands now I can’t really tell because I feel played. I guess it make sense to say T’s prayer request has been answered. Yes it has ended in tears for me. I’m here asking myself a lot of questions.

Did she say it will definitely end in tears because she saw it coming or she was aware but couldn’t tell me? E, I asked so many times what was going on between you and H, you kept on denying. You promised not to entertain her anymore, why is she still in the picture?

How do I even believe you haven’t badmouthed me to her just for her to accept you? Oh, you mean someone who has a boyfriend and is aware we are dating accepted to get intimate with you even without telling a lie? Wow!

Then I wonder what kind of lady she is. I have been faithful to you all these years and I don’t regret it. I will continue being that faithful and good girl I have always been. You look and act so innocent nobody will believe when they find out you messed up.

My mum is going to be disappointed in you when she gets to know. I’m trying so hard to pretend I’m fine so she won’t question me. I’m just praying she won’t ask when she sees my swollen eyes tomorrow.

Cheating is one thing I don’t entertain in a relationship and you know it. I feel disrespected when I’m being cheated on. I have been telling you the day I found out you are cheating we will have to call it a quit and you know I mean my words.

You seem remorseful so I will try and find a place in my heart to forgive you. It’s not that easy but I will try.
Anyway, there is a condition attached.

Before I do that you must cut ties with her and prove beyond reasonable doubt she is no longer in the picture and never are you going to entertain her. If that’s too much to ask then I’m sorry, the only option will be to choose her over me because I’m selfish with you and not willing to share. Let me know when you are ready to prove she is out of the picture. Till then, we move!!

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