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I have friends, who according to them – proposed to their women because a proposal ‘confused’ the state of mind of these ladies, and would make them want to do almost anything the man would ask. Most of my friends proposed to women because ‘the proposal’ gave them easy access to sex, and when they had overly used the Kount, would dump them for something ‘new’.

That was my motive, initially, when I ask my wife to marry me. In fact, it was a bet amongst me and my friends. They knew I had known her for three years but couldn’t ‘hit’, so they were daring me, indirectly, to either do it or any of them would step up to complete the job. I didn’t like the idea of putting my friend on the slaughter board, but the deal was real: Either I do it fast or they would, without thinking twice.

She was proving difficult to conquer, even though she liked me too. She’s a Christian lady, very committed to pleasing her God, and was abstaining from sex until marriage. She had discussed that with me – many times that I had tried pursuing her. So when I caught a glimpse of what my buddies were achieving with a ‘proposal’, I proposed marriage to my wife.

She was excited, and wanted to be very sure I was serious. I convinced her that I was. She was 34 years then, and was looking forward to a marriage, one way or the other. After the proposal, we started talking about planning everything before formally, informing both families of our decision. I had other girlfriends I was seeing, but wanted a taste of my wife’s ‘cookie’ from her ‘cookie jar’.

Some of my friends who knew about ‘project cookie’, would laugh at my wife anytime they saw the two of us walking together, hand-in-hand. They would laugh the loudest, when they witness how excited she would look in my company. I made a million and one attempts to ‘bed’ her, but she wouldn’t allow me any chances. Each day drew us closer to our wedding date. I wasn’t the least sure about marriage. I definitely wasn’t interested in spending the rest of my life with her. She wasn’t my type, she wasn’t any fun, I wasn’t sure about our compatibility (in terms of sex), etc.

I had enough money saved, so sponsoring a wedding wasn’t really a big deal. I just wasn’t sure about how things were churning without my desired result. On the day of our wedding, I still wasn’t sure of what I was doing. My best men were my friends, and they knew I was still pursuing ‘project cookie’, though I was getting married to her. Three of them are married and are still having fun ‘outside’, so my wedding wasn’t anything extraordinary nor shocking.

This is what changed me:

While walking down the aisle, in her father’s arm, I could read her lips. She was speaking in tongues. Her dad was in uncontrollable tears, as he held on so tight to his daughter’s arm, and gently walked her to me. Her processional song was this:

‘1.Head of Thy Church triumphant,
We joyfully adore Thee;
Till Thou appear, Thy members here
Shall sing like those in glory:
We lift our hearts and voices
With blest anticipation,
And cry aloud, and give to God
The praise of our salvation.

2 While in affliction’s furnace,
And passing through the fire,
Thy love we praise Which knows our days,
And ever brings us nigher:
We lift our hands exulting
In Thine almighty favor;
The love Divine Which made us Thine,
Shall keep us Thine forever.

3Thou dost conduct Thy people
Through torrents of temptation;
Nor will we fear, While Thou art near,
The fire of tribulation:
The world, with sin and Satan,
In vain our march opposes;
Through Thee we shall Break through them all,
And sing the song of Moses.

4 By faith we see the glory
To which Thou shalt restore us,
The cross despise For that high prize
Which Thou hast set before us;
And if Thou count us worthy,
We each, as dying Stephen,
Shall see Thee stand At God’s right hand
To take us up to heaven.


After the last stanza of the hymn, my wife was in my presence, her veil soaked in tears, mixed with her make-up. It wasn’t a white veil anymore, and she wouldn’t want it changed or touched by her Lady of Honor either. She wanted me to wed and unveil her in it, just as it was. I don’t know what happened, Dave, but before the Church was led into worship, I went on one knee, and asked her to marry me all over again. I meant it this time with every breath I took. She asked me to stand up. I started confessing to my plan with my friends, and how I wasn’t even sure about the marriage. She smiled, and said, “Yes, I will marry you, George”

I haven’t known any other woman since 2009. We’ve been blessed with four kids.”

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