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Hello David, is blowjob a must give to the husband in marriage? Because I am not for the giving of that. When I was single, I used to give it to my exes.

I used to love the whole idea of spoiling my man until he could barely stand it. With my husband, I am not enthusiastic about doing it. I want to suck a man who respects me. I want to look in the eyes of a man I want to suck so devilishly, he would be turned on to cum in my mouth immediately.

Dave, I give quality blow jobs to a man I want to desire me. I give blow jobs because I want the man I am giving to love me. I don’t know why I don’t feel like giving my husband blowjobs. When I think of him in that light, it sucks.

You don’t want to imagine what I think about when my husband wants me to go down on him. I cannot also imagine smelling his stinky crotch.

You know the annoying part; my husband still thinks he doesn’t smell down there. Dave, there are some nice men I know I wouldn’t mind them ejaculating in my mouth, though semen does not taste good.

I wouldn’t think twice swallowing their semen because they know how to talk to me. They know how to make me feel good as their friend. My husband is the last person I can imagine making me orgasm.

I fake it always because he doesn’t make me tick. I want to be honest with you Dave, if I never have sex with my husband again, I definitely won’t miss it. He makes me retch. I have not cheated on him yet. What do I do to feel like a woman again?

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