Pleasurable Communication

I married a virgin at 31 years. I will one day tell my story of how we broke it and it didn’t happen on our wedding night or the next day. Thank God for patient men like my husband. We explored, we read and we practiced. Are we perfect?

No, one day I almost dislocated my hips all because of a style he wanted to try. I was like ajeeeii ajeeeii then we stopped. He has also told me I almost injured him due to a sitting position. It’s a learning process but the keywords here are COMMUNICATE WELL ENOUGH FOR THE PLEASURE OF BOTH PARTIES. I’m the questions and answer type of person, so I ask him paaa.

When I did this, did you like it? Last time you were late paa ooo why? This time you were early paa ooo why? Both women and men are emotional beings. Men like compliment and so do women. He usually asks after sex, did you like it? His next performance will depend on my answer and vice versa.

We keep learning and directing each other. It takes 2 to tango, stop watching too many movies and live. Some days will be super, some good, some won’t be so good and others will be below average. Nti den,(So what) sex is overrated.

Don’t kill each other because of it but make it a point to learn how to give pleasure to each other.
And I’m always team chastity

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