Pinned Down

“When you are married to a good woman, count yourself lucky, because there’s nothing else better than a wife who knows what she wants. Yes, your wife is strong-willed, ambitious and caring; brother, put some respect on her name. Because she’s going to fight for what’s best for her family, and that includes you! Don’t break the heart of the woman you call a wife. Don’t hurt the feelings of the mother of your born or unborn children. If she’s passionate about what she does for a living, then she’s passionate about building a family with you. After all, she agreed to marrying you. no? Do not let these good women down.”David Bondze-Mbir

“Hi boss, I want to share an experience with you and your audience to inform the men. I had a married client who had a girlfriend who was just refusing to go away. Because of the powerhouse behind this client, I am unable to be specific with my story. The young lady kept making trouble in opportune moments. We offered her a befitting settlement, drafted a contract and all. When the time had come for her to sign on the agreed terms, it turned out she wanted something more; something I could not offer her. And that was my client. She was in love with him, and his refusal to give her any more attention had made her bitter.

I’m a lawyer by the way. So, as I was saying, my client married a woman who is headstrong and believes in herself. What my client probably did not know was that, his wife was not going to change to conform to what our society deem as an ideal wife. He liked his wife when she was outspoken and knew her right during their dating phase. After marriage, the same woman and personality he loved, had become too loud and opinionated for him at home. He all of a sudden wanted the ‘me wura, me’pawokyew’ for a wife. His wife wouldn’t budge, so he started doing things outside with other women.

The other woman I was talking about earlier, came into his life as a full package. She’s beautiful, business conscious and humble. She enjoyed the comfort he introduced her to, and had fallen in love with him already. Some of these women who love money will do anything to keep the money coming in. She has in her possession so much proof of her relationship with my client, compelling him to love and provide for her. That is not all, she started flirting with me and I did not realize that till I found out she was pregnant with my baby. I know I gave in to the temptation, but Dave, I cannot tell when and how it all happened. But it happened.

And because my client is bound to continue with his affair with her to keep her quiet, he believes he’s the father of her baby. This girl managed to lace me in her pattern and I am also stuck. Whenever she calls, I need to be there for her, else, wahala. I am married with kids and I am not sure what her next move would be. I’ve considered a lot of wicked stuff to do to her but, she’s the mother of my child. Though my client is taking care of the baby’s responsibilities because he’s been made to believe it’s his, that is my flesh and blood.

I hear women know when their husbands are cheating. How do I know my wife knows? And how do I handle her if she truly knows? The last thing I’d ever do is to hurt my wife in this manner. Can some of the guys who are experts in this kind of entanglement guide a worried brother?”

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