Perfectly Efua

The basic compatibility between them is what is keeping the both of them interested in their marriage; and his wife’s personality is what is keeping him wanting to remain physically intimate. He believe he’s found that ‘one’ woman who keeps him engaged on every level… thus, his reason to keep her forever. – DBM

“My wife, Efua is my best friend.
She is so very simple.
So down to earth.
Dave, my Efua will literally say, “Me pa wo kyew”.
She is very teachable and super intelligent.
She never quits on herself, or on us.
She shows me I’m worthy to be loved.
I can’t imagine life without her.
My wife is committed to improving the lives of others.
She doesn’t even easily mention her profession to people (Medical doctor).
Her spirit shines so bright.
Efua thinks I will be a wonderful parent, partner and man.
She gave me the chance to be her husband.
My wife looks absolutely beautiful in her dresses.
She never backs down from her beliefs.
She opens my eyes to the goodness in me.
When I hug her, I get the feeling she’ll never let go.
She forgives my mistakes.
My wife helps me find my smile when it’s missing.
She finds something to laugh about every day.
Her time management “challenges” make her adorable.
She respects me as the head of our home.
Efua respects me.
She is patient and has a rare inner beauty.
And, oh, she checks my ‘ANGER’ paaaaa.
She’s taught me to be more courteous.
She never loses her romantic impulse.
My sweetheart loves me and is still determined to make it work – no matter what.
She’s every good thing imaginable, however, her RESPECT, CALMNESS and INNER BEAUTY won.
I will always love my wife because she’s not perfect, but she is perfectly Efua – and that’s more than enough for me.” – From Kobi
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