“Papi is what i call him”

Papi is what I call you, it’s your BB. It’s been a couple of months and just a gaze at you reminds me of how far we have come. It hasn’t been a smooth ride but certainly one full of love. You took me home when we were just friends. Do thank your mum because she is part of the reasons for saying yes to you when you proposed. She was genuinely happy to see me and she is definitely every woman’s dream for an in law.
When you proposed that day, I knew I liked you but I wasn’t sure I was ready for a guy my age and most importantly I was filled with uncertainty about how I felt about my ex. But I wasn’t sure I had healed from the pain and hatred I had from him but I said yes. I was happy; we had been friends for some time and had become that one person I wanted to share everything with. You didn’t ask me to be your girlfriend. You asked me to marry you with a timeline attached. Till date, I wonder where that courage was birth.

I know we have gone way pass the timeline and I know you want to marry me. To you, honoring me will be to have me walk down the aisle in a satin off white gown with all sundry attending. I love big weddings; I get to be the guest and not the bride because I have always pictured an intimate wedding with only the people who matter most in attendance.
Papi, honoring me will be just marrying me even if it’s a small living room. I’m here to help you gather and not squander the little you are gathering. I do not know what the future holds for us but I’m certain we will do exploits.

You walked into my life and became my rainbow. No wonder my family loves you and is always a joy to have you around.
My mum gets to have another son through you. Thank you for putting my lights on so we can shine together. Thank you for loving me so much that it seems unbelievable some times. I took notice of all the days you emptied your pocket and bank account for me and I will certainly not let you down. You are blessed because you are a gift that keeps giving to everyone around. I miss your cooking and food presentation skills. Yours ever BB

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