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Guys, what’s your penis size and length? Are you proud of what it can do when it’s fully charged to work on someone? What’s your longest tour? Are you able to travel through Ethiopia, Sudan, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cuba, Poland, Israel, Jerusalem, Jamaica, Switzerland, and Malta and back to Lapaz?  Are you able to do overtime? You’ve got the skill? What have been your accolades? – DMB


WG: Hello David.

David Bondze (DB): Hello!

WG: I have a question.

DB: I’m all ears.

WG: Does the penis grow?

DB: Lol!

WG: It’s a serious question.

DB: What was the question again?

WG: My husband has a 5’something inches penis. It’s too small. I like mine big. We’ve been married for 2+ years and I am not enjoying sex with him the way I dreamed of our sex life.

DB: Just because of his small dick?

WG: I’m not pleasured when I am in bed with him.

DB: On the scale of 1 to 10, how good is your intimate moments with your husband?

WG: Minus zero (-0)

DB: Lol!

WG: I’m being honest, Dave.

DB: Smh!

WG: It’s that bad.

DB: How old is your husband?

WG: 39 years.

DB: The 5’something inches size description you are giving of your husband’s penis, is it the flaccid length, girth, erect length or the full erect circumference you’re talking about?

WG: I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it’s his full erection length.

DB: But I’m told sex is not solely about penetration, or?

WG: Penetration is everything to me. All the foreplay bullshit doesn’t do anything for me. It just wastes my time. I’m cool with just five minutes or less foreplay: some great oral, fine clitoral stimulations, etc… But really, good sex for me is a man popping his ‘distin’ into my vagina, and thrusting it hard and deep till I am begging you to stop.

DB: I see

WG: I have been very unsatisfied and have been enduring pleasure-less sex for the past two years. Why am I still wasting my time in this marriage, Dave? He is always excited getting off, and does not bother to wonder why I am often moody in the day towards him.

DB: I have a 5.5 inches flaccid length penis that stretches or erects to about 9.5 inches in length that I am not using. It’s always in my pants, single, disciplined but horny. It has not touched a body in God-knows how long. Which of us should be complaining?

WG: I am not happy with my husband’s penis size. It doesn’t fill me. It’s not able to go deep. And the worst of it all, he is an under 10 minutes gamer. He always cums under 10 minutes.

DB: Have you discussed it with him?

WG: I have, and he’s always promising to do better. It’s never been better. When a woman is not aroused, and satisfied sexually, pleasured to the nonsense degree, sex is not done. My husband thinks he’s done a good job once he ejaculates.

DB: Have you talked to a medical practitioner?

WG: No.

DB: Hmmm! Why not?

WG: He doesn’t have the time. Why do I always have to be resorting to a vibrator to meet my sexual need?

DB: Well, I’m sorry you’re not happy with your sex life.

WG: I don’t want to cheat on my husband.

DB: Is it a thought you’re considering?

WG: Somehow.

DB: It is written in the Bible, that “Hell has no fury like a man scorned.”

WG: Dave, can you be serious, please?

DB: For how long have you been contemplating on the thoughts to cheat?

WG: Before we married.

DB: Why did you marry him?

WG: I was pregnant for him.

DB: Hmmm!

WG: Does the penis grow?

DB: Does your vagina grow?

WG: You’ve been joking with me since we started this chat.

DB: On the contrary. I’m just being real. I will post your concerns on my page for people who are sexually active, and know much about the male sex organ to help with answers.

WG: Thanks.

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