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A lot of the time we are so deep in the ditches of whatever love or marriage we think we are committed to, that we often do not see the mess we are in until it’s rather too late. I know, you need to do something different to make it work best for you and, maybe, the kids. I can understand. So you choose to endure the disrespect, and pain, and the fear of the unknown – anytime he’s out there or at home with you. After all, others may be going through worse and yours may just not be as bad as it seems, right? Good! It’s all understandable. You are not ready yet, because when you are ready, you tend to have some RESPECT for yourself. And when you respect you, you’re bold enough to take that majestic walk out of the door. – DBM


“Hello David. This is my letter:

  1. No matter how much you love him, if you don’t trust your partner don’t marry him.
  2. Don’t accept any form of abuse in anyway the first time. Trust me it will continue
  3. If he doesn’t fear God and show respect to anyone ‘lower‘ than him or her, walk!

Throughout my marriage I got threatened with separation at the least provocation. One separation actually lasted for over three years. And he always came back for me. He broke the camel’s back when he got me served in my banking hall. I decided not to fight against it but rather leave. I never told any family member till I signed the divorce papers almost a year later.

Telling family and friends meant intervention, so I didn’t. And he got surprised. He gave me a hard time in court and I lost a lot of money and sleep. Now I don’t live in ‘luxury’ but I am better. And I recently accepted a promotion which I wouldn’t have dared without his approval.” – From OM

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