No Good

To the man who impregnated my mom. I was about 4 years when you took a cane to beat me because of something I did as a child, you ended up giving me a permanent injury or should I say a mark so visible that I have to leave with it for the rest of my time on earth even though I pray for a miracle.

As if that wasn’t enough, I remember how I was treated as a useless thing in your house back in a day. I remember how I had sores on my legs untreated and covered with rag the very day my mother came to take me from your house.

I remember how you sacked me from your house when I was just 9 years old because I had decided to go stay with my mom, because the physical and mental abuse I was getting as a child from you was too much for me.

You didn’t bother to check up on me, not to talk about taking care of me. To you, I was a mistake, a child you didn’t plan for or wanted. I grew up with lots of hatred and anger in me.

Because of your wickedness, I have been mocked and called all sort of funny names through my educational and social life. I can go on and on about how you have been so irresponsible as a father but I don’t really care anymore.

But all glory to God who gave me a good mother, one who thought me to channel all those anger and hate into studying hard and being a good person so God will bless me to be a better person in future.

She thought me how to love and forgive and as a result of that I forgave you. I even tried bringing you back into my life as a father after my mom’s death but you being yourself, ended up insulting not just me but my late mother as well.

Thank God I stood up for myself and my mother that day, I called you a useless father and I don’t regret it. I walked out of your rented house knowing I wasn’t going to look back. Does that mean I have not forgiven you?

No! I have forgiven you but I’m not going to give you that chance to even come close to stress me. You thought I was useless, the unintelligent child, the good for nothing one.

Well that child hustled to be a university graduate, Bsc Accounting; Second Class Upper without your help, that child will keep fighting to be a better person.

To “58” please stop stressing yourself by tolerating such a person in your life. Forgiveness doesn’t mean stress yourself. Celebrate your step dad; honor him just like he honored you and your mom. Stop giving that sperm donor the room to blackmail you into doing something you will regret.

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