My wife is too fat

“My wife’s belly has become too big, I find her so unattractive. I have tried to draw her attention to it, but she’s not doing anything about it. Sex with her is a nightmare for me. I can’t do the ‘distin’ the way I really want to, and it is forcing me to start considering taking a side chick.

I mean, when she is even naked in the bedroom, because of the belly, I lose appetite. She’s always using childbirth as an excuse, but Dave, I know a dozen women who bounced back in shape after childbirth. The things I want to do to her during sex, I can’t do them anymore – because now, I can’t even attempt to carry her.

I’ve honestly lost interest in her sexually. It’s unfortunate she still doesn’t believe she has put on weight. Weight, really is not my issue, I think. The big belly disgusts me. I don’t know which better word to use. I am even ashamed to ask her to follow me to public events – because the dress she will wear, will show the size of the belly. Am I being a ‘nag’ or I have a cause to complain?”

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