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Hello Dave,

I finally had to do this after reading several of the posts. It has been such an inspiration. I met my husband in church some 16 years ago, and we became friends right away. He tells me when I passed for offering that day, he said to himself: “This is my wife!”

Oh yes, he was right, because our friendship was one of a kind and still is – open conversations and genuine support and love for each other. As life may have had it, we both went on our different escapades and journeys till our “LOVE” arrested us in the year 2011, and we decided to get married.

Dave “we decided!”

My husband Paul is an epitome of true love and commitment. Paul loves me with all his might and everything in him and this makes it easy to love him back. He is committed to make me happy and I am admittedly very lucky to have such a wonderful man for a husband. He is right there through the slings and arrows of life.

Here are my 21 random small things (worth more than a fortune) that my husband does on a daily basis that keeps our love blooming and me wanting to die for him😍😍😍😍😍😍

  1. He supports me wholeheartedly and believes in me.
  2. He is always there to listen to me
  3. He loves our boys to pieces
  4. He is passionate about his dreams and aspirations
  5. He let’s me rest on Saturday mornings and does the laundry for the entire family (sometimes with his hands).
  6. He is my business consultant
  7. He goes out of his way to look for clients and does a lot of networking for our business
  8. He shares his fears with me
  9. He is a deep thinker and very Open Minded
  10. I love his sense of humour. He makes me laugh all the time.
  11. My hubby can dress to kill…. no wonder we are in the fashion business.
  12. My husband is handsome.
  13. He prays for me and the boys every evening and sometimes whiles asleep, I feel something dripping on my face. Guess what He anoints me as the head of our home.
  14. He is my 1st pastor. This man can pray and fast and teach the Word.
  15. He sweeps our room because I am that lazy with sweeping.
  16. He gives me good advice. Very honest, candid and sometimes harsh.
  17. Paul values my opinions and consults me before taking any major decision that affects us.
  18. He knows me and still loves me
  19. He can fix anything… He’s the electrician, carpenter, plumber, you name it, of the house, and the lists goes on and on.
  20. He is a great Dad. I love it when he plays with the kids. It makes my heart skip a beat.
  21. He chose me to be by his side for the rest of his life. He is absolutely the best thing to happen to me after Jesus.

Kwamina, I love you dearly, this you know but I wanted to take it further to give you some reasons why I do.

Love from your very own. – Gathy


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