My light

My dearest and beloved Sena, I hope you are ok and all is well. I wish I could say what’s on my mind and heart but words fail me. But I will try. Perhaps it will be brief; perhaps it will be more than that.
You were right about everything you said. Love truly exists and one will never know how much they can love until it finds them. It feels so unreal, being in love with you is so effortless and fulfilling. I never have to try but just yield.

Our destinies crossed in the strangest of ways and I’m thankful we have moved beyond that. You have been patient with me, you have been kind, you have been an ear when the world was silent, and you have been a shoulder when I needed to cry.

You have been a light when the world was dark and warmth when everywhere was cold. You stood in the gap and held me through the storms and made me know it was just ok to break, something I dreaded with every bit of me. You assured me it was just ok to be vulnerable as well as be human.

The past days to weeks have been amazing thanks to you and I can’t imagine how life would have been without you. We have laughed; we have teased, joked, and shared our deepest memories of pain, disappointments and also our triumphs. You are an amazing person and woman Sena. I’m eternally grateful to you my love.

I have searched within and without my reach of life for love, but it had always eluded me, then just when I gave up here, you were with open arms and comforting relief to the calming of my soul.
Sometimes I feel bad about the circumstances and wonder if it will make you have second thoughts on my feelings for you due to my state of emotions.

Sena, I have never been this resolute in my entire life on the chance of a life partner and lover.
You are my beloved and my friend. I’m counting the days you will perpetually be mine and look forward to it.
Thanks for your love, care, kindness, support and all you continue to do to make me happy. My heart has found a resting place thanks to you.

God knew exactly what He was doing when all others didn’t work out.
I don’t want to make any promises but rather assurances. You will never regret giving a chance to be together.
I’m yours and you are all I desire in a woman and more! I love you forever and a day more!
To life and beyond, your heartbeat

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