My husband and I never dated

When she felt it, she really felt it, like a drug. She fell in love with him, and it knew no depth. It has stayed with her, and she’s believing he stays with her too, forever. His happiness means more than her own. She dreams of all the ways she can take very good care of him, than of all the ways she’d want him to be caring for her.-DBM

WA: Hi David. Good evening. Can I also share my story? I am touched to do so, by all the stories I read here
David Bondze (DB): Hello! How are you doing?
WA: I am blessed, yourself?
DB: I am doing alright, thanks
WA: Great
DB: When are you free to chat?
WA: I am free now
DB: Okay! How long have you been married?
WA: Three (3) years as at August.
DB: I see. How did you two meet?
WA: We met at work. We were colleagues
DB: Ok!
WA: But he was above me
DB: Okay. What about him attracted him to you?
WA: He was tolerant, calm, soft-spoken and honest
DB: I see
WA: I was a customer service representative and he was at the risk and compliance department. Then he made an audit on me and presented it as it was, the good and the bad
DB: Interesting. Continue from there
WA: Haahaaahaaa. He is the type of gentleman who will tell you the truth no matter what. When you are wrong you are wrong.
DB: That’s good to know
WA: But at the same time, my partner in crime
DB: Ha!
WA: Yeah. He supports me all the way
DB: I see
WA: If only the path is right
DB: Ok
WA: When I met him, he had a very wrong information about me. Then he had to come and work at my branch for three months, which meant, he had to deal with me
DB: I see. When did you realize you were that much into him?
WA: Well, he got into me
DB: I see
WA: So this is how it happened. There came his first day at my office and he took a seat beside me to ask me questions he obviously, had answers to
DB: Smh!
WA: Then, me being in my element, I gave him a rude response
DB: Lol!
WA: He didn’t get angry but took his chair and left to his desk
DB: I see
WA: And that was the last time I’ve ever been rude to him
DB: That’s nice
WA: He became my friend and we went to lunch together. I got his lunch even when he had gone for meetings and was not in the office
DB: I see
WA: Until he spoke the charming word, ‘can I marry you?’
DB: Awwww! How did he propose?
WA: One evening after work, he asked me to meet him at Peter Pan, and he was like, ‘do you know how and what’s needed to marry someone from your tribe?’
DB: Hahahaha
WA: Then I asked him, ‘is your girlfriend from where I come from?’ He said, ‘just find out and let me know’.
DB: Lol!
WA: Then, in three days’ time, he brought me cash during working hours and said, ‘when you find out, buy cloths and suitcases with this, and any other thing you think the money there can buy’. At that point I was confused
DB: Weren’t you guys dating?
WA: No! My husband and I never dated. Later that day after work he said, ‘I want to marry you, and I am not taking a no for an answer.’ Mind you, I was in a rough relationship at the time and he was in one he was not sure of
DB: The major difference between your relationship to your partner and your relationship to everyone else in your life is SEX! Prior to his marriage proposal, were you two having sex?
WA: My husband never asked me for sex. And we never had one, until we got married
DB: Wow! I understand your confusion then – then
WA: We were together for only six months, and that was the time we were preparing for the marriage. At a point, we had to break up properly with our partners so we could be together without hurting anyone in the end. Mine wasn’t difficult but his, was hell.
DB: How does being married to your husband feel like?
WA: Oooh, awesome
DB: You think he loves you that much?
WA: If I start talking about my husband’s love for me, we won’t finish this chat
DB: Lol! And, you trust his love for you that much?
WA: Oh, Yes, with no hesitation. I know he loves me more than I do. He turned out to be the perfect partner I needed. He is my friend and partner in crime
DB: Most of the married men I have ever chatted, love their wives, but have ended up cheating on them, for a reason or not. How would you feel if he ever cheats on you?
WA: I don’t even think about the possibility but if it happens I know he will tell me
DB: Okay
WA: And if he does, I’ll forgive him
DB: I see. How is sex with your husband like?
WA: GOOD! I am the only woman he has and is ever having sex with
DB: That’s nice
WA: We talk sex and discuss our sex lives. He asks what I want and how I want it, and he does just that
DB: Awwww!
WA: We communicate a lot, in every aspect of our relationship. Because, that’s the only way we can understand each other
DB: True
WA: I tell my husband anything and everything
DB: I see
WA: And he does same, even when someone is crushing on me or on him
DB: Lol!
WA: We are open minded
DB: Say something sweet to your husband
WA: Haaahaahaa. My Joy, you know I love and appreciate you so much. You’ve been my pillars all these years and I never want to trade you for anything or anyone. I love you, my comfort.
DB: Awwww!
WA: Oh, and did I mention he allows me to sleep on Saturdays while he wakes to wash, clean and scrub?
DB: Such a gentleman
WA: In our three years of marriage, I can count the number of times I washed. Oh yes, he is such a gentleman.
DB: Awwww! That’s beautiful. Your marriage may be young, but it’s still an experience worth sharing. Encourage any woman reading this
WA: Hmmmmm. Marriage is not a class room or military where all you do is obey before you complain. Marry a friend, someone you can communicate with and be ready to forgive. Be honest and whatever happens, good or bad, let your partner hear it first from you. Learn the magic words of life: Please, Thank you, and I am Sorry – it will take you far
DB: I appreciate you for your time. Thank you very much
WA: You are so welcome
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