My heaven on earth experience

Every wife wants to know that she’s loved by her man, and no such woman would be tired of hearing “I love you” either from her husband. But to most women, showing how you really feel about them is as important as letting them know. It may be cliché’ for some, but actions really do speak louder than words. – DBM

SA: Hi David. How are you? When you have the time I can share my heaven on earth with you.

David Bondze (DB): Good evening. How are you doing?

SA: I am doing very well. Thank you. I can’t believe I am doing this saf

DB: Lol! So, how old are you?

SA: 34

DB: And, you’ve been married for how long?

SA: Nine (9) years

DB: Oh, wow! Kids?

SA: Not yet oh

DB: Ok! So, tell me about your husband

SA: He is a perfect gentleman. He is God fearing. He is kind. He is good. After Jesus, he is. Truth be told

DB: I see. Awww!

SA: Yes… After nine years he is still a GENTLEMAN in ALL areas of my life

DB: Awwww!

SA: His mum bought him a car but he’s allowed me to drive it. He still takes Trotro with joy

DB: Hmmm!

SA: When a nice guy like this, asks for sex, what do you do?

DB: You give it in a heartbeat, laidat

SA: He cooks, cleans and does everything.

DB: Oh, my!

SA: He usually wakes up at dawn to pray. When he comes back to see me in bed, he literally exclaims, ‘My baby is awake’.

DB: Hahahaha

SA: He is just awesome

DB: I can only imagine

SA: When we go out with friends, he never stops checking on me, like I will get lost in the crowd

DB: Lol

SA: I tell him he is annoyingly sweet

DB: How did you two meet?

SA: Hahahaha. Good one. I was working for his brother

DB: Lol!

SA: One day his brother did not fulfill his part of the bargain and I was close to tears. He said he looked at me, and then told me, “I will help you”. And he meant it and till date, he has done nothing but help me

DB: Wow!

SA: Dave, my father died when I was but a 14year old girl. My mother couldn’t take the heat and got sick till she also passed. I prayed for a helper. I said, ‘God, help this your girl. Give me a family that will love and take care of me.’ And God answered… To the glory of God my in-laws took us all in.

DB: Awwww! Why are you making me feel so emotional already?

SA: Dave, God is alive and takes care of His own. He will never leave nor forsake us. My sister in law and I share cloths. My brother in law calls me baby girl.

DB: Hmmm!

SA: When I go to see my other brother in law, he says, ‘girl you are enough’. We will support you in every business you do. And oh, my first brother in law paid for the registration of my company

DB: Wow!

SA: Sometimes, I have to remind them I am an in law

DB: Awwww!

SA: I remember when my Uncle asked him why he wanted to marry me, he said, “she is a good woman”. And recently, my father in law said, “you are a good woman”. Charley, and I don’t know what I do. Clearly, they bring the best in me.

DB: Do you believe he loves you that much also?

SA: He adores me! It’s in his eyes. He smiles at me every time he sees me. Sometimes, I catch him stealing glances and I am like, “Dude, what’s up?” And the last time, he said. “I am intrigued”

DB: Hmmm!

SA: Sometimes, when he comes back from work, he would still want to sit with me to watch these Indians on TV that he doesn’t even like. I have to encourage him to go to bed

DB: What do you think you two could be doing right to be enjoying such grace?

SA: The pure grace of God. We pray a lot. If I say a lot I mean a lot. You see, marriage is a replica of the relationship between God and the Church. And that is my prayer. God, let our marriage be a model to follow. Let it be a representation of how you want the church to relate to you. My husband listens a lot. When I want to fight, all he will say is, “Oh, wow!” And he will switch to prayers

DB: Hmmm!

SA: By the time he comes back from the study, na I make sturdy

DB: Hahahaha

SA: He is annoyingly sweet. He has not allowed me a single minute to fight

DB: Wow!

SA: And trust me, he doesn’t even remember after – if I want to bring it up.

DB: Awwww!

SA: He is Ga. Errr… My apologies, my fellow GA people. He refused to teach me the language because according to him, ‘I will go and fight’

DB: Hahahahaha! Boi

SA: Lol

DB: Is this the kind of marriage you dreamed about?

SA: Honestly no.

DB: I see

SA: My idea of marriage is/was the woman running around, doing all the work in the house, silent, doesn’t contribute to nothing.

DB: I see

SA: You know, ‘Daddy is coming…’ kind of marriage. I guess that is why I prayed paa for a man who loves the Lord absolutely, because then I will have my share of the love

DB: Why am I unable to stop smiling?

SA: Hahahaha. Good is good like that. Smiling makes you look and feel young. Why do I get the feeling you are doing a background check on me?

DB: Have your last word: Inspire somebody tonight

SA: My husband’s favorite word is, “God is Faithful”. And, “turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face. And the things on earth will grow strangely dim and the sight of his glorious face!”

DB: Wow! Hmmm!

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