My engagement ring was tied to a white thread on his something

“We had dated for Five (5) years. He knew I wanted to be married, yet pretended he couldn’t read my desire. He couldn’t be bothered, though I knew how much he loved me. Another funny thing was, he had made his intentions clear to me that, he didn’t want any kids, thus, he wasn’t sure about being a parent. And here I was thinking – I wanted to be a mother of Three (3).

Dave, I got pregnant somehow, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to break the news to him either. We were together in his living room, watching a movie, ‘The Three Idiots’, and a scene from the movie brought tears to my eyes. Dave, I began to cry. I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the scene in the movie or my own predicament included, but I began to cry uncontrollably.

He looked at me in a confused state, asking why I was crying. He smiled, and then gently whispered to me.

“Why, did you seriously think I was going to ask you to abort our pregnancy? You must be crazy. Stop crying. I am happy we are pregnant.”

He pulled down his pant, removed his underwear, and there was a ring, tied to a white thread on his penis. He asked me and the pregnancy to marry him. I got to know later on that day, that, he had bought our rings already.” – From SP


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