My 16-year-old son is gay

I was cleaning my 16 years old son’s room, and I found two compact discs (CDs), hidden under his mattress. There were also five international magazines of men, naked men, under the bed. Of course, I was curious, so I checked the contents on the CDs, on my laptop: it was Gay pornography. To be very honest, I wouldn’t have been sending you this message, if they were even magazines of naked women or a heterosexual pornography. I showed what I had found to his father, and he threw his things out. He’s asked him not to return home, again.

I wanted to have ‘The Talk’ with my son, but he kept denying it belonging to him, so I forcefully had to check on his phone, and laptop, and all I found in his gallery images and videos, were porn of such nature. He even had taken pictures of his erected penis, and probably, exchanged it with another guy, on WhatsApp.

I will not pretend I can tolerate this nonsense, however, I want him to come clean, and talk to us, his parents. He’s our only son, (we have two daughters), and it scares me to lose him to such lifestyle.

Are there parents on your platform with such kids at home? And, how are they dealing with all ‘that’? Were they able to make them change from being this disgusting? Were they able to have the conversation with them? How? Because I have a feeling I would also dis-own my son if he doesn’t change. And, we don’t even know his whereabouts now… since his father threw him out. I spoke to him on Facebook today and he claims he’s fine, even though he refused telling me where he was. He did also confirm to me, that he is same-sex attracted, before blocking me and his dad on Facebook.

I am so worried about him.


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