Momma’s handwriting

I have an unbearable mother; so troublesome – she has the tendency of making impossible that which is possible in my life. She has ruined every good relationship I have ever built on my own. She is/was of the view that, until she approves of the lady in my life, I would be making a terrible mistake. I don’t know whether or not because I am her only child, but she’s messed all my relationships up. I started keeping all my commitments at a point from her.

My mother fell ill some time back and I had to take her to the hospital. My mother has embarrassed me so many times in public, I always found it very difficult taking her out. Even at the hospital, I was cautious, because she could start a fight at the least provocation, whether sick or not. I managed to keep her temper in check until my wife, who is a nurse, accidentally stepped on her toe at the hospital. Mind you, they had kept us waiting for hours without her name being called. So, when this nurse, accidentally, fell in her ‘trap’, she had every reason to transfer all her frustrations on her.

My wife didn’t say a word when my mother raised her voice at her. All she kept doing was to apologize, but mother wouldn’t have it. So my wife called her name by-force to go see the doctor. Even at the doctor’s consulting room, she was insulting the nurse. After being examined by the doctor, my mother asked for my phone – because she claimed her phone’s battery had run down, which was a lie. She took the name and phone number of the nurse she had been rude to – from one of the nurses. She stored the number on my phone as, ‘Osei’s wife’.

My name is Osei.

While driving her home, she texted a message to the nurse on my phone, and then quickly deleted that very message she sent her. My phone beeped, which I presumed was a response from the nurse. Mother responded to the message, and then deleted her response and her own response to her. All of a sudden, my mother was smiling and happy. She kept texting and reading her responses, and deleting all of their conversations. When I got to my own place, after dropping my Mum, I got a text from the nurse. That was when I saw how my mother had saved her name on my phone.

I called her to explain what had probably transpired between her and my mother on phone, and she laughed. I liked her laughter. We became friends overnight, and the friendship grew in the months. On our forth month of friendship, I took her and my mother out to lunch. I had gone to the washroom for a second, and my mother was already lying to my wife about my ‘supposed’ intentions to want to marry her that year. My mother asked her if she would accept my proposal should I ask, and she said, yes.

When we dropped my wife at her home and was driving my mother home, she kept telling me about how much my wife wouldn’t stop talking about me when I was in the washroom. Mum claimed, my wife told her she wouldn’t mind marrying me any day – because she thought I was a wonderful man. My mother had married us in her mind, and even produced Two (2) kids with us in her head. She kept telling me, a woman like my wife would look great with just two kids. Smh!

I married her that very year – without any formal proposal, because Mum had already done that; and we have been blessed with two kids. We have been married for 10 years. Her name is still stored as ‘Osei’s wife’ on my phone.

One thing about my mother is, she may be annoying most of the time but she accepts her wrong doings, and would apologize to me or any other when she realizes one is offended by her act. She listens, and though she had driven all my Exes away, she helped me connect with my soul mate. She did not push me into this relationship. I could flow with her and her idea of a wife for me. There was no difficulty on my part when it came to connecting with my wife. It was a natural bonding. We liked each other very well, and none of us had to pretend. – From Osei

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