Men, take better care of yourselves

Hi Dave, well last night I struggled to sleep.

While I was at my struggle, I found myself thinking of the 1-minute men and men ejaculating fast post. Vaginal sex typically lasts 3 to 7 minutes according to a 2005 Society for Sex Therapy and Research Member Survey.

That’s just by the way. Every man in one way or the other has experienced the famous premature ejaculation. Women know that it’s not an ego breaking thing for us. Don’t just sit there and make comments, Men of this era come fast, did you try the other era?

Now, a man who is overweight, underweight, stressed, tired, anxious, eager, nervous, over-excited, age, Oh and the ones who want to show the ladies they are good they get to “cum” early. Yes, they release fast, quick ejaculating.

I have come to understand that sex is for couples, not the one we steal to do and you are in a hurry so you can’t go for second round when he “cums” quicker than expected.

If your husband “cums” fast, what’s the rush, start all over, that’s why it’s for couples. Get into foreplay, explore, touch each other, do stuff before you say jack, jack is up again for another run. Men climaxing faster than usual doesn’t mean end of game.

Men, keep a healthy lifestyle, exercise, drink lots of water, rest well and always be patient. I’m sure you will get to 5 minutes or more. Ladies if you want to enjoy over 5 minutes, please be patient and put some work into it.

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