Matthew 5:37

I used to be a judgmental kind of person, if I heard something for the first time about you, I would then automatically judge you right there and then. But then one grows, not because of experiences but learning to put your foot in the shoes of the one speaking.
Most times we love to see things from our perspective, but if you begin to see things from the other person’s perspective you will learn to have empathy for the other person.

But Dave, when it comes to cheating, there is always a choice. There is a choice to say yes and there is a choice to say no.
And “no” is something that most of us find it hard to do, either they don’t want to hurt the other person or they just are selfish. In a case where you the partner aren’t satisfied or happy in a relationship, tell your other partner and work it out.

One can easily fall in love but it’s always a decision to stay in love, we shouldn’t kid ourselves. There are other women or men that are more beautiful or handsome than our partners that come our way and many times, interest are shown but it’s a decision we have taken to be in love with our current partner that makes it love. Not when things get tough or when someone new comes into play.

Cheating is always based on a choice, engaging that person through long hours of chat was a choice you made, meeting that person at that restaurant was a choice you made, taking a cab or an Uber to the person’s place or hotel was a choice you had to make.
The Lord said, in Matthew 5:37 that “All you need to say is simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ anything beyond this comes from the evil one”

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