Marriage scares me

Dave, I’m 31 and have never dated, never had a boyfriend.

I read the messages some women send about the hell they go through in their marital homes and honestly I am afraid of dating or getting married.

I wonder if there are any good guys around. I’m gainfully employed and earn between 3000 to 3500 a month. I’m ok and in my head, I ask myself if I should allow any man to come and ruin my life.

My elder sister is going through hell in her marriage but refuses to leave. She used to be such a bubbly fun-loving person till she got married. She is a pretty woman but she was way prettier than now. I look at her and marriage scares me!

I want to have babies someday but I’m a staunch Christian and would want to have sex only after marriage. How can I have babies without sex, right? Marriage scares me and I am laughing at myself right now.

Please post this without my identity. I would like to know if other single women feel just like me or I’m overacting.

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