Marriage called off

Hello Dave, this is the second time I’m writing to you. This is not to share my story or problem but to say thank you for starting this series on how some women have lost their voices in their marriage. It has been an eye-opener for me especially.

I’m not married yet but I was going to be but I’ve decided to walk out of it because I see the gentleman silencing me after marriage. I believe I have a very bright future ahead of me and I can’t allow myself to marry the wrong person.

Sometimes we get excited when our friends are getting married and I think this pushes us to want to do same, ignoring all the red flags.

I was ready to go ahead even though I’ve seen lots of red flags but the stories these strong women have shared have opened my eyes. Thank you for doing this and God bless all those who have shared their stories. Right now I’m about 70% sure. My parents’ marriage ended because my dad got upset my mum built her first house before he did. I told this same gentleman I wanted to start another business on the side. But he insists I need his approval for certain gigs before I take them. I’m not a stingy person. He doesn’t have to ask for support. I support him whenever I can without him asking but I don’t get that from him. In case you share, please post me anonymously.

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