Hi David, there is a guy in my neighborhood. He is not married but has a child. I had suspected he likes me for the longest time but I didn’t have any reason to follow up because I am happily married. He approached me one day and told me my husband was seeing another woman. Dave, me and this guy don’t talk as normal friends do. He is the type I smile to and pass. That’s how it has been between us for sometime.He is cute but I haven’t looked at him lustfully.

He said he had proof but I was reluctant. Three weeks after his confrontation, I went to his house to have a look. I thought I wasn’t going to make any big deal out of it but his claims bothered me and I couldn’t sleep or relate to my husband like I used to. He owns two drones and he used one to follow my husband. I have watched five recordings so far from his shot and each was on a different day my husband was with two different women at separate times.

If I had not seen these recordings, nothing anyone said about my husband would have been true to me. His girlfriend is one of the ladies my husband sleeps with. The second recording from the other drone is my own sex video with my husband. I don’t know how he was able to capture me and my husband on camera, having sex in our bedroom. He has created a YouTube channel and upload the recordings but made it private viewing.

He wants me to be his girlfriend so he wouldn’t have to humiliate my husband and me. He asked me to not tell my husband about this. He kissed me and I couldn’t say anything because he has got a hold on me. Dave, he says if I bring the police in this, he will make the YouTube page public. All this happened in October 2020. I agreed to be his secret girlfriend and we have been having sex since November. I hated him for cornering me into this but I am falling in love with him. I have tried to keep this secret from my husband but the guilt is killing me softly. He is still seeing the lady my husband is seeing and he is acting as if nothing has happened.

Dave, I am in love with this guy. He sexes me right, I orgasm like a woman when we have sex. This is something I haven’t experienced with my husband. He treats me well oo,though I know the whole arrangement is manipulation. I don’t know if I want it to stop or not. Every time we have sex, he tells me he is sorry for doing this to me but that is his only way of not having to kill my husband and his girl.

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