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He didn’t know what he wanted at first. But then, the 10th phone number got him thinking: would it be a bad idea for him to pursue whoever owned that new number? Would it be a bad idea for him to be seeking validation, cuddling, sex, friendship and attention from whomever that lady was? Then they met. His way of showing his feelings after their first meet did not match up with the emotional expression she was expecting. That said, she did not discount what he shared with her nor the manner in which he shared it. She listened to him attentively when he was talking, and then made sure he felt heard. – DBM


“Hi Dave,

I’d want to share my proposal experience. I’m part of a WhatsApp Group for corporate men. We talk about and also offer solutions to almost everything in that group. One of the solutions some of our members offer or contribute is giving out contact numbers of ladies who offer professional sex to any of our horny members, on a weekly basis. We had been used to just Nine (9) of such specific service providers. They knew most of our members are married, so there was a ‘no strings attached’ policy for all of us to comply.

And because I was single then, I had all nine numbers stored in my head, and saved on my phone. Man could be hot any day, though I hadn’t made use of any of the numbers as at then. It’s funny how I cannot even call out the phone numbers of my blood siblings’ off-head, but could rattle all nine contacts of our service providers even in my sleep. The numbers were shared one Monday afternoon, and this time, there were 10 of them: Nine of the old contacts, and an additional new number.

I called that new number the second it was shared. I made that contact in a haste because I felt it was new, and probably wouldn’t have been used by any of the members yet. And I was right. She was new to the business, though had been with a married man who was sponsoring her first year’s tuition at school. She was in her second year at the University, and desperately needed money to survive on campus. We agreed on a lunch date, and I used that opportunity to know a little bit more about her.

I liked her and wanted to ‘own’ her number, all to myself. So I asked her if she could focus on only me for the week before accommodating other men. She priced her charge GHs 4,200 for my request and demanded half payment on the spot.

I didn’t have enough money in my MOMO account, so we agreed later on – on a daily payment. I got to know that day, also that, whoever was recruiting them was to be given a fixed GHs 400 per service, because she was the one introducing the girls to high-profiled clientele. In other words, she was charging me GHs 600 per day or service, GHs 200 for herself, GHs 400 for their employer. She could have charged any higher, but then, she considered me. I liked her! She was level headed, a deep thinker, would smile often, use ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ a lot on our first date.

I still hadn’t touched her by Wednesday. The chatting with her was more fun to me than the idea of sex. She seemed to like chatting with me too. I later realized by Friday evening, that whenever something good or bad happened to me that week, she was the first I would want to talk to. Even if it’s like inconsequential details of my life, I’d still want to share it with only her. Come to think of it now, I think I was looking for any reason to talk to her because she was, and still is one of my favorite people to have a conversation with.

By Sunday, I wasn’t sure I could continue any more payments. I hadn’t budgeted for that extra cost, and I couldn’t sustain the gig any longer, so I was figuring out how to break the news to her. The thought of this news, ending our sudden friendship, made me worry and got me seriously thinking. She called that afternoon to inform me, she had quit the ‘job’. I didn’t understand. How was she going to feed and pay fees at school? Did it also mean I wasn’t going to be paying her again?

“Yes!” she said

I asked why she quit, and she said she liked me. That evening, I picked her up from her hostel to my house. She cooked for us to eat, watched movies till dawn, and laughed our hearts out to sleep. We woke up in each other’s arms, on the Sofa. It happened in the blink of an eye. Dave, one second, I was enjoying my life, and the next, I was wondering how I ever could live without her in my life. We devised a plan for her remaining semesters. She would move in with me to stay in my other room – to save hostel and feeding fees. I would take a loan from the bank to pay her tuition and then see what next the days would bring.

Being her friend, changed so many things about me a little bit for the better, and I wasn’t pretending to be someone I wasn’t or being fake. Stuffs that used to not interest me in the least suddenly did. She loved to club and dance to loud music a lot. I started enjoying music and dancing. She would dance with me at home anytime I felt bored. She introduced so much energy into my life. I was nothing like that in the past. Even my friends at work saw changes in me, because I had already started going to work with headphones on, smiling and nodding to hard music. I couldn’t care less.

One time, she was in the kitchen cooking when her phone rang. She asked me to answer the call and it was a man on the other end. He hang up the moment I said, ‘Hello!’ There was no password on her phone so I snooped. There were over 64 messages from different men on her WhatsApp that she hadn’t responded to. At first, I was thinking she might have deleted her part of their conversation, however, almost all of the guys were asking why she wouldn’t or hadn’t responded to any of their messages. The missed calls in her call history was crazy. I checked the DPs of all the WhatsApp statuses, and they were all in our WhatsApp group: The married, the dating and the single, all were pursuing her.

Dave, it’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that I’ve always mapped my path. She really had stopped trading sex for money, and that felt so good to know.

All this while, I hadn’t gathered enough courage to ‘get her laid’. I’d be lying in bed, horny, and thoughts of all that I could be doing to her in bed would be running through my mind, and it would be very late into the nights. She was all I was thinking about, so I would reach for my phone to text and ask how she was doing. She would always be asleep. The few times she was awake and could chat, I pulled back, because I didn’t want to seem vulnerable. I didn’t want her to also think I was seeking a ‘pay back’ of a sort. I cared so much about her that, it scared me.

I was never inconvenienced by her presence. My face lit up at the sight of her.

On her graduation day, I was very late in attendance because I had to be somewhere equally important; and she understood. Apparently, she was confronted in public, by the wife of the man she had been with (the sponsor) in her first year at school. The woman embarrassed my lady in the presence of her mates and siblings and mother. Just after that scene, another one of my group members, whom I knew to be married, surprised her with a brand new car – as her graduation present.

My lady had made a WhatsApp status weeks to her graduation date, giving information and invitation to friends and loved ones. That was how come they all could locate her whereabouts that day. And interestingly, I counted 12 of our men (Group members), all present with different presents to grace and congratulate her – when I got there later on.

The guys liked her because she wasn’t like the rest of the ladies. She was different; and most men find ‘different’ challenging a task to pursue. Men find ‘different’ sometimes to be attractive. We will go all ends to take a piece of it, even if it kills us. This much competition was what was staring me in the face when I got there. In their presence, she asked me,

“Kwabena, when are we getting married?”

Lol! She didn’t know she had actually made my job so easy for me. I was scared of proposing marriage to her, even though that was all I ever wanted. She proved to me that day, how much she loved me by doing what she did, in their presence.

It’s very true that, if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!

She built the door for me to walk through it. I sold my car to marry her, and we took the brand new car my group member bought as her graduation present. We have a son.” – From EKG

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