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Life isn’t easy. We all know that. Some face their problems. Others endure the obstacles. The challenges many face are numerous. There are setbacks on the way. However, the difference between Mamudu and the others is his ability to face his challenges correctly and not the absence of it. He is strong and resilient. He has faced his fair share of life. Life happened to him too, just like everyone else. But he stood, and fought through it all. And today, he’s living a happier life. – DBM


“Good morning Dave,

I am inspired by the lady who wrote to you about how she went through life and is finally doing her National Service. I would like to share mine but keep me anonymous. I completed SHS and travelled down to Accra from one of the three Northern Regions. Life changed for me because I wasn’t getting what I wanted. I dealt in scabs (worn out metals). It didn’t work. I worked in companies before my results came and guess what? I failed in Math’s. I wrote Nov-Dec five times just for the Math’s. I could add other subjects and wouldn’t even take them seriously, yet would pass them outright and fail Math’s.

For the last time writing it again, I went to my dad at his work place and he saw me holding a Mathematics book. I was looking very hungry and was losing weight because I was jobless. He said “My son, I can see you are hungry and I know you will eat whatever you get right now.”

“Yes!” I replied. And then he said, “This should be your last time of writing the Math’s. If you had passed your Math’s, by now you’d have been a better person than your current status and you would have been eating whatever you’d want, not what you get”.

This rang a bell in my ears for some time. Dave, this meant that if I had passed my math’s I would have gone to the University and come out a better person than I was. He asked me to consider a job in the security services, while preparing for my exams. I didn’t want to do it Dave. Because he himself is a security man. How could my dad advise me to be a security man when he himself was not happy doing it? I wondered if he ever thought of my good. Two weeks later, things were becoming worse for me and I agreed to join him at the security.

I was trained for two weeks and was posted. Dave, after some time, I began to develop love for the job even though I wasn’t happy doing it in the first place. I started greeting and meeting people, sometimes, with words of encouragement and support. My grammar alone made some wonder why I was doing a security job. With their encouragement, I sat for the math’s examination and passed. I applied to pursue a course at the Polytechnic and got admission. I was going to school and doing my security job, and rain could beat me at times whilst on duty because there was no place to hide or seek shelter.

Mosquitoes could carry me to the Korle Lagoon and back, literally. My night supervisors could make my life unbearable if I dared to sleep. Some could intentionally put me for day duties and I would have no choice but to skip lectures. Still, I never gave up. My colleagues could say negative things about me but Dave, it did not bother me. I knew who I was. I know who I am. I never gave up. It could take weeks and no one would see me in the house because of work and studies. I could think about it and weep and wipe my tears. I never gave up. People could subject me to mockery and laugh at me, because I was a security guard.

Today, I have graduated after three years of studies and resigned from the security job. I did my National Service and had my appointment letter at where my father is working as a security. My dad is still a security man and I am in the Office, and praying to get him something doing to stop the security job. My life has changed from bad to good and good to better. I am a better person than I was yesterday. I haven’t attained what I want but the lesson of life alone is a gift.

Alhamdulillah is all I can say. All what I went through is forgotten and those who were dragging me are now proud of me. The name of my company is a popular company in this country and I am happy working there – all because of the words of my dad. I eat what I want and not what I get. It took me 11 years to become who I wanted to be after SHS. Patience and resilience is the key. I just want to encourage anyone reading my story, never to give up on themselves. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. Believe HIM. He is watching us all.

Never give up.” – From M I

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Everyday People


Everyday People


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Everyday People



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