Making our marriage work

I don’t know how this fits into your daily posts but this is what is happening and had happened in my life since I married my wife. When her father walked her down the aisle to me in church on our wedding day, he whispered something to me that changed my mood that Saturday.
“I have told my daughter to come back home if the marriage doesn’t work out. Please don’t stress baby girl if you don’t love her any longer at any point in your marriage. Bring her home. Tell us you are no longer interested and we will take our daughter back.”

Dave, my father-in-law whispered that to me on my wedding day. The happiness in me left that instant and everyone facing us could see my mood had changed. My mother-in-law saw the change and kept asking me at the reception what had happened. Long and short, my mother couldn’t let go and confronted my wife’s father before the ceremony was over. This is what our parents agreed to do.

The four all decided to call us once in every week to see how our marriage is working out. My parents will each call my wife every Sunday, from 6 to 8 pm to discuss me and how I treat her in the marriage. And listen to any other complaint. If there is something bothering her that she would want my parents to speak to me about, she uses that period to talk. Her parents also call me in turns every Sunday from 6 to 8 pm to do same thing.

Dave, every Sunday, we have been married for 9 years and this tradition hasn’t stopped. Our only responsibility is to buy 20 cedis worth of airtime to the phone of my parents every Sunday so they can call her. She buys same for hers so they can call me. The other agreement was, we had to open up and tell the truth. They didn’t want us to hide anything bothering us.
Every June, our mothers come over to spend 3 days with us. They want to be sure we are really doing fine, so they can come and verify for themselves. Mr. David, this routine has gone on for 9 years. I was a bad boy but since my wedding day, I haven’t cheated on my wife. In fact, two days to my wedding I was having sex with an ex. I thought it was going to continue after my wedding but what my in-law whispered to me hit me in a bad way and it has changed me forever.

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