Lunch with my ex husband’s new girlfriend

Hi, can you help me with what to say? I am having lunch with my ex husband’s new girlfriend on Tuesday. I don’t know how the lady got my number but she called me. I am not supposed to tell my ex about our meeting. Those were her conditions. She wants to know all about him. When she called, she shared the information given her by my ex about me. There was not an iota of truth in his alleged description of me as his ex wife.

She wants to hear my side of the story and also my description of his character personally. David, if I am to be honest to this woman, she may not consider dating my ex. He is a liar, a cheat, controlling, very rude when he wants to be and an opportunist. To the best of my memory, he loves you only when he wants something from you. The days he showed me love and attention were days he needed sex, money loan or for me to use my connections to sort him out.

He has never been dependable. I have never met a selfish man like him before. When he gives you something, he figures out a million ways to take that thing back, piece by piece. He verbally abuses when he has had enough of you. I divorced him because of all these factors. I have found out that this lady he is dating comes from a rich home. For now, all I can think of is, he has hit a goldmine. Dave, the only honest thing I believe from my ex husband is when he mentioned his name because that’s the only truth that comes out of his mouth perfectly.

He loves his children.I can’t take that fact from him but he lies to these kids all the time. I did have to always be the one comforting them so they don’t feel disappointed in him. Do I say nice things about him so she doesn’t feel disappointed in him? At the moment, I feel sorry for her. But people change, don’t we, Maybe he has changed.

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