Love affair

I am 40 years old and I was the other woman in my husband’s life. Initially, it was just for the convenience. I wasn’t interested in a serious relationship. My job required me to travel a lot, so I never saw myself committing to something serious. All I wanted was companionship when I needed it. I loved going out on dates too, so if I had that special man to go on nice dates with, have good sex, feel loved and wanted, and still remained single, then that was it for me.
I had it all in, my husband, of course, he wasn’t mine then.

He was married to another woman. He told me he was married but wanted to be with me too. Dave, it wasn’t a good arrangement but I liked it. I wanted all the romance with him, without the responsibility of being a wife. I tried not to think about his wife throughout the adventure until my heart was in too deep. He was into me too and the love affair suddenly gave me power and control over his emotions.

I picked an international fight with him just to know where our relationship was going. He said he didn’t know, so I suggested we ended things between us. He wasn’t willing to lose me. I knew he loved his wife and children, but bought into the knowledge that, if he loved his wife and could love me as well, then he never really loved his wife. Long story short, he divorced his wife for me. Dave, do you know that if he could cheat on his wife with me, then he definitely was going to cheat on me with someone else too.

I started cheating on him long before I found out he was also doing same. And we had been married for a year and a half. I fell in love with another guy who was making me feel amazing whenever he talked to me. Whenever we had sex,I wanted his type of sex more than that of my husband’s.
Dave, whenever he told me things, I wanted to hear his promises more than that of my husband’s. That feeling where another man sees, chooses and appreciates you more than your husband does. That is where I am right now. If a woman or man will cheat on someone else with you, he or she will cheat on you with someone else. My husband and I can be your perfect case studies.

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