Lost a Diamond

Good day David, I would like to use your medium to say these words to an interesting lady I met 3 years ago who is always on your page reading. Let me call her Own.
Own, I know you are going to read this because I told you I was going to send in something. I want you to know that I really appreciate you in my life. Ever since I met you, my whole life has changed. Every aspect of my life has experienced a change because of your maturity. The first time I heard your voice on that conference call, I just knew I loved you and would want you to be a part of me. You are so intelligent and your kind is so rare. I wish we could be together to the end of time.

I messed up with V, not that I loved her or wanted a bit of her. It was just because of my childishness. I thought she would think of me differently since she threw the first shot. I was just being “guy guy” but I messed up. I honestly regret ever talking to her in the first place because I have lost a great and rare diamond, which is you.
I always hope and wish for a second chance if only I would get it. I thought it was going to be easy to write this but it’s more than hard. You have a very beautiful soul and always want everyone around you to be a better person. You have your buts though, but I love them all, your perfect imperfection I call them.

I can never forget how you always made me feel when we get intimate. You are one person who understands my body so well; you know where to touch at the right time and what to do. You are damn sexy; I never regret a second spent with you.
I will also never forget how you talk to me about being a better person for myself. I always think about how you express yourself in situations. You are just perfect. You are one of a whole kind. I miss you so much. I really appreciate you being in my life. I will never forget you. I will never look down on you, I will never speak ill about you. You complete my life,I am not getting the right words to describe you now but to me, you are perfect. I have loved you, love you and will always love you. It’s me NAB

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