Losing my wife to my ex

I keep a good record when it comes to me and my women. I do right by them, especially those I enter into serious relationship with.

So I don’t understand my bad luck till date. I have been married twice and I was doing everything a man had to do to keep his woman. I wasn’t perfect but I was not disrespecting my wife at home. I helped her with chores and the children’s upkeep. Because I almost took my first marriage for granted by cheating on my wife, I vowed never to cheat on any woman again.

So my second marriage was a relationship I was intentional about. I was ready to do anything different to make it work. That is the background of my story. My first wife divorced me after 9 years of marriage and three children together. She got married to a nice guy who treated her and the kids so well. Because of our children, we decided to be cordial with each other.

I married my second wife and hard two kids with her. Dave, everything was going on fine in my home and marriage till my ex-wife took ill. When the children told me about their mother’s illness, I suggested they allowed my wife to be attending to her twice in a week at home when she was discharged.

My second wife is a nurse and she is good at her job. She went to their house the first time and did not return till the following evening. Because I had to take care of our kids in her absence, I could not drive over to my ex’s to check on them. My wife’s phone was switched off, that of my ex-wife’s was switched off too.

I found it to be strange. After close of work the following day, I took the kids with me to drive to their house to see what had happened. My ex-wife was in a good mood, relaxing.My wife was even in a better mood, smiling and looking happy and comfortable in their big house. The moment my wife saw me, and the children, she came to hug the kids and requested to have a word with me.

She told me she didn’t think we were compatible and would understand if we went our separate ways. Dave, the long and short of my story is, she did not return to the house with me that evening. She spent 2 weeks with them, without any phone calls to me. She only visited to check on the children. I reported her behaviour to her family and they talked to her.

Few days ago, she called me, she want to come back home and resume her wifely duties. I have asked her what had gone on in that house with them, but she is refusing to say anything. I only know what my 3 kids narrate to me. Mummy and Aunty and Uncle all sleep in the bedroom together. Dave, I love my wife so much that I am willing to forgive anything just to have her back in my life.

All I want to know was what happened but she is not willing to talk about it. I asked my ex-wife to explain what happened and she said if I don’t want my wife back, they do, so I should make my decision fast. Is this a payback or I’m only dreaming.

For the sake of our children, I want to ask her to come but it doesn’t feel right to me to just allow her in without an explanation from her

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