Light in my darkness

“Hi David,

Good morning! I just want to use this medium to share with you and the readers my relationship with my wife. I am a banker. I lost my job two (2) years ago. I am now gainfully employed again. Life took a nose dive after I lost my job. Hitherto things we used to take for granted were no longer available to us. We both used to drive; In the midst of the difficulties, we had to dispose off one of the vehicles. In all these, not once did she ever complain. Indeed, she would always encourage me whenever I was down.

She would bring her entire salary at the end of each month to expend on household expenses so that in her words, I will continue to “feel like the man in charge of the home”.

She stood firm by me during those dark periods. Indeed David, the true test of ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ is when the man is most challenged. That is when you will know whether you really have a spouse. She has earned and re-earned my respect ten folds. I pray for health, prosperity, happiness and continued understanding for her.

I will continue to treasure her.”

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