Lies and suffering

I’m writing to tell that man who married me through emotional blackmail or let me say under duress from my family, knowing full well that I don’t love you even a tiny bit. But you claim you love me and did everything for the whole world to believe you love me, yet still you are unable to bear children because of an injury you suffered while playing football.

You had surgery, and were called afterwards by the health team to counsel you that you can no longer be a father. This happened even before you met me.

But you never told me, 3 years into our marriage, you watched me take concoctions to a point they even had my hair shaved from my head, in the name of bearing a child for you.

When we went to the hospital in the first few months of our marriage, only God knows how you got you 50/50 semen analysis results but my cycle and HSG (Hysterosalpingography) results were all normal.

Getting to the 4th year, I discovered you were the one with the problem because this particular gynecologist insisted he had to do your semen analysis at his clinic before he starts investigating a treatment on me. That was when I realized it was you all along.

We repeated the test at 2 different places and all showed you can’t impregnate a woman. But I didn’t leave, I had faith it would work, I added my salary for you to buy treatment for yourself every month because the medications were very expensive. And we were together until 7 years and still no conception.

When I decided to progress in my career, you claim you got a lady pregnant several times and aborted in my absence. So when I discovered you were having an affair, I had to leave because I never even loved you from the beginning. But I stayed because whatever was the case, we were married and I had to live with you regardless.

But if you can sneak and do your own things, I won’t do it while still married.
Long story short, I left and after some time, I tried dating and the very first time I decided to get intimate with my boyfriend, I got pregnant.

Eight years with you, no pregnancy, then one day with a different man I’m pregnant.
Later I found out the whole truth about how you were counseled and even visiting foreign doctors and a chaplain that you wouldn’t be able to bear children because of your injury.

I’m not hurt because I didn’t conceive with you, I’m hurt because of the lies, suffering and humiliation I went through drinking concoctions ,doing enemas, forbidding myself from certain foods and drinks ,staying indoors when I had to go to work.

Any woman who has gone through childbirth issues knows what I’m talking about. I can’t write everything Dave, and I know he is not on this page. But I hope your followers share until he reads this. I’m happily married now to my heartbeat.

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