There is a name saved on my wife’s phone. Totally different from the kinds of conversations they are supposed to be having. The 1st time it caught my attention, my wife found that I had seen it and she started to delete her chats with him.

She changed the name to something else so I don’t find out. Because it’s been troubling me for months, I have been waking up at dawn to monitor her phone while she sleeps. The real name of the guy is Dennis but she has saved it as something different.

Our son’s name is Dennis. Dave, for the sake of anonymity, I am changing their real names to these names. 4 weeks ago, the guy responded to a message my wife had sent him and deleted. I was awake when her phone beeped. He responded to my wife’s deleted message and he asked how his son was doing?
This was his message ‘how is my son doing? I’ve sent you this month’s 1000 Euros for Dennis’ upkeep’

My wife insisted on naming our son Dennis when she was pregnant. I didn’t understand why but I allowed it because she said she loved the name. I have done a secret DNA and the result proved Dennis is my son. What I don’t understand is why my wife is making another man pay 1000 Euros every month for the boy’s upkeep.

I am a responsible husband and father to our son. I can boldly tell you my wife and the kid don’t lack. We are not rich Mr. Dave but we are comfortable.
Has my wife been cheating on me all this while? We have been married for 4 years. Our son is 3 and from the little chats I came across, the Dennis guy in Europe has been paying 1000 Euros since the child was born.

He has been to Ghana many times and has taken pictures with my son and wife.
Dave, I still don’t know when all this took place. I have confronted my wife and she said he is the godfather.
Dave, how can another man take the godfather position in my son’s life and I am now finding out about it? I asked her where the money goes and she says she uses it at home and on our son.

Dave, I give my wife 1500 cedis every week for the house. She takes extra from me when she needs to buy something for our son. Her routine is the same so if 1000 Euros was doing anything extra, I would have seen the additions.

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