Letting him go

4 years ago I got pregnant for my husband. He was preparing to marry the love of his life. He hasn’t wedded me as his official woman; however he has presented drinks with his family to ask for my hand in marriage. That was done three years ago before I gave birth to our son. He hasn’t still followed up with the marital process. Dave, I am not bothered.

That is not why I am writing to you. Before I took over, he was in his last week as a single man to traditionally wed his former girlfriend. But because of my pregnancy, she cancelled their plans. She found out because I told her about us. He entertained me in his life because he was in love with the both of us, though he loved the other woman more.

I knew about this and was ok with it till I found out that I was pregnant with our child. His ex-girl is still not married and I realized he had been trying to reach her again for a second chance. That may be his reason for not marrying me. I want to let him go. I want him to be with his true love. I have told him about my plans but he is saying he doesn’t want our child to grow without us in his life. He has told me he is still in love with the other woman and would marry her if she gives him another chance.

Dave, I am just 30 years. I am beautiful and can find another man any day. I am back in school, and he takes care of his child. I want to find a man who will want me like he wants his girl. I went to the lady’s workplace on Thursday to apologize and assure her I wasn’t going to meddle in their relationship again if she takes him back since he still loves her, but he is saying I shouldn’t let him go.

He wants us both. What do I do? I love him but I am not in love with him, that’s why I find it very easy to want to move on and start my life afresh.

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