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Letting go

Good evening David, please I need your advice.
I met a lady in 2017 and I proposed to her and we started going out but she was in her first year at the university. I had completed, done with national service and I was working. David, things were ok but suddenly, her attitude changed in our 2nd year in the relationship. While working, I decided to further my studies outside Ghana.
I got admission, paid my fees but I was denied visa. Her attitude changed when I told her I was denied visa. So I thought she was sad for me but rather she sent me a message that we should break up. David, I had to beg her not to go and finally she agreed after some months.
Fast forward, I lost my job due to COVID-19, hence things became very difficult for me and I had to look for a new job. She called for a break up last year March. She left me because a guy promised her heaven on earth later and it turned out that the guy was a fraudster who even took money from her.
David, she came to beg me and I decided to give her a chance, maybe she learnt her lesson. But honestly I haven’t gotten any job and she has started giving me attitude. I have decided to let her go because from her actions, she feels I will delay her. I feel she is just an opportunist, when things are good, she wants to be with you but when situations change, she also changes.
This lady has not bought any gift for me. I wasn’t expecting anything from her because I know she is a student. But even on my birthday, she can’t even buy a simple card as a gift for me. But for every occasion, I get her something. If I don’t get her any gift, I give her money to buy whatever she wants. David, from her behavior, I don’t want to have a shock of my life hence I want to let her go. I don’t know what some ladies want from a guy. I still help her whenever she asks for something. But she doesn’t appreciate it. She thinks I’m lazy and not looking for a job.

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