Let’s cheat

Dear husband, I know you feel comfortable that I’m faithful and committed to you as you are away working because you travel a lot to work. I came to terms with myself to just trust you. At the moment, I feel I am not married to the right person. I don’t trust you any longer. I don’t trust myself. That’s why I want you to know I am also having my little affair in your absence. I only pause with it when you are back to me and the children. Actually, I think our marriage can do better if you travel frequently to work and be with other women.
I have found a new joy sex with my side guy and I am loving sex all over again. Until I started seeing him, I didn’t know I was a sexual freak. He brings out the fun in me during sex. What I share with him is different. Do I love him, I did say maybe. Do I love you? I don’t know. That is why I want you to be with whoever you are with when you travel to work and come back home to your children for the short time you spend with us.

I am suggesting this to you because I still have love in my heart for you. You are a great father to our children and I don’t know who else can love them better than you. I want us to remain married even if you find out this letter is coming from me. Even if you find out about my other relationship, let’s try to stay together for the sake of our children. When you travel more, we get the opportunity to miss each other. We get the opportunity to explore with other people intimately. We don’t feel alone though we are miles apart. When we are together, my appreciation for you goes up because we both try to make it up to us. I know at the back of your mind, you believe that having an affair doesn’t mean you don’t love me. But the truth is, if you are unfaithful to your wife or husband, you are not in love with them.

Cheating isn’t something any of us would do if we truly respect and care for our spouses. What we are both doing behind each other is a clear indication that what we have should have ended the very day you had sex with the other woman. I realized this when I started seeing him. I want you to be happy that’s why I have not been disturbing you with the knowledge of your affair. Your caring wife.

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