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“Good morning Mr. David Bondze-Mbir. I pray you see this post 🙏. We need help and kindly keep me anonymous 👏👏👏. Kindly let your followers help us if they could. My husband and I (we both early 30’s) are facing something serious. We married for five years now with two kids for sometimes now (like about four months now), anytime we want to have sex,.he falls all of a sudden. He watches porn and get hard but immediately he want to enter me, his dick falls. Sometimes, we can foreplay but he won’t get hard. He is a strong guy. He exercise almost everyday. Anyone with such experience and how did you overcome it.or the solution please? This is really giving me headaches because I don’t know what to think🤦🏼‍♀🤦🏼‍♀🤦🏼‍♀” – Worried Wife

Thank you🤝

Response from Mr. Adams

Let’s start from the basics.

  1. Has he any health condition(s)? Diabetes or BP? Let’s assume has none. Does he acknowledge it’s a problem and not that he’s lost the lust for you?
  2. Our ancient appreciation of health defects points to “Amaman” (mucus /Phlegms) being the root of all health conditions.
  3. To detox the body of MUCOUS I recommend “ESUKOOKO”. It’s a plant in the rhizome family (I will attach photo). A piece shouldn’t cost more than Ghc2 anywhere in Ghana. It’s Ghc1 at Mankessim Market. You will peel and boil (optionally add lemon) and drink the stock. STAY AT HOME when you drink it.
  4. Further, eliminate processed sugar and IODATED SALT from your diet (if you take them). Go back for the ‘ordinary salt’. I wish I can repeat this. For sweeteners I recommend Honey and/or Molasses. You can as well change your diets to circumvent ones requiring sweetening.
  5. He should cut the gym, stop lifting weight and stick to basic aerobics.
  6. After 1, 2,3,4,5 you can start preparing a GINGER+WUSA (both up and down) +GARLIC+HONEY drink to replace his beverage in the house.
  7. This is how to prepare it: The ginger is the major ingredient. Ingredients 1Ghc worth of ‘fa mu Wisa/Wisa'(earth/ground wisa). Fante call the sor wusa “sesema”. It’s same Europeans call “Black pepper”. The market women will know what you need. 5Ghc worth of fresh Ginger Bulb of garlic, Honey

Procedure 1. Crush and grind WUSA in Asanka.

  1. Blend Ginger and Garlic
  2. Boil 3litres of water.
  3. Take the water off fire when it’s boiled, pour all the prepared ingredients in the hot water, stir and cover it. Leave it covered to sit for about 20 minutes. Strain the admixture and sweeten with honey – while straining, it should be stirred intermittently because the ginger starch settles at the bottom. Drink some while hot and refrigerate the rest to drink. A glass in the morning and another in the evening.
  4. You will get result. If you don’t, let me know.
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