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He’s been struggling with this problem for years. The self-doubt and self-loathing, the state of hopelessness and fear. Every day in a relationship was hard on him, because he could not tell whether or not it could be for the long haul with the women. In fact, his emotions always had to take the back seat whenever he was dealing with a committed relationship. – DBM


“Hello David,

With regards to the IVF babies, the story you shared gave me chills but I’m also sad at the same time. I’m also sterile and will never be able to have a baby of my own as you already know. Dave, you know a little bit of what I’ve been through but if I’m to go into details what I have been through with my last two exes, because of not being able to father a child, and how easy and loving another woman is taking it – then I feel like I owe myself an apology for going through all these. I’m an honest man just like this brother and I tell women I’m in relationship with right away the truth, but somehow they use it against me indirectly and leave with reasons that doesn’t make sense, after giving me all sorts of hope.

Dave, I have spent over $80-100k trying to heal health wise through doctors and traditional means. The sad part is, all this while I had been blaming myself for making my exes unhappy, killing my confidence and always trying to do everything, I mean “EVERYTHING” for them because deep down I felt they were sacrificing a lot, and so I had to also do my very best and beyond my very best for them in appreciation.

Now I’ve realized they just didn’t truly love me. Just last week, I decided to never try any relationship or marriage again, and this lady’s post comes to me as if God is sending someone to directly talk to me. I’m not going to give up on love, relationship or even marriage. I’m convinced my true love will come along the way at the right time. It’s not easy at my age. All my mates and friends are married with kids and people make me feel as if I’m less human, but they don’t even know what is going on with me. But eventually they’ll be taking for vanishing.

God bless this woman for sharing this and I want everyone to know I’m a blessing today.” – From MI

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