Initiate sex!

Good day Dave, I want to make few remarks about your posts on sex. My one decade experience of sex with 5 Ghanaian women, and 2 European women can be summarized as follows.

First of all, most of our women are boring and unexcited when it comes to the bedroom and one style usually. Once in a while, you get 2 styles as compared to Europeans, who are very dynamic.

Secondly, most of our women don’t like to initiate sex. They are always waiting for the man to initiate, even when they are in the mood.

My European partners would just come straight to you that they want the dick or start removing your cloths.

Finally, sex becomes more exciting when both are fully engaged in it. That way, it has an impact on how long one lasts. I lasted an average of 30 minutes with my European partners compared to 10 minutes for my Ghanaians.
Sex is a two-way thing and no man or woman can make it exciting alone.

Both have to be fully prepared, involved and engaged in it, before and during. You can’t be lying down like a piece of log expecting me to give you orgasm. You can’t just pounce on a woman without foreplay and expects her to be fully involved.

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