In love with my father’s daughter

I am head pastor of our founder’s church. A very thriving family in the Gospel business and I loves my church. I love and respect our Founder and Presiding Bishop so much because I believe he mentored me well. I am great in this calling because I availed myself to serve under his feet.

Dave, my problem is this, because he used to travel a lot on assignments, he entrusted the activities of the church in my care and leadership.

Even when he was around, he allowed me to lead and preach. What I am trying to drive at is he believes in my abilities and I am one of the very few people he trusts. I am in my 30s and single. He used to try to hook me up with some of the loveliest ladies in the church to date. He has tired hooking me up in other places too. All the ladies he tried to get me to notice are beautiful, financially secure and very independent. Dave, for some reason, I couldn’t follow through to the end. I had to back out one way or the other. I know my “father” worries about me and why I am contemplating on settling down.

I refer to him as my “father” because he calls me “son”. He was pleased with me till he found out about my chats with his daughter. I used to see her as my little sister because she used to come to me with her personal issues. She trusted me with very sensitive information that none of her parents are aware. To her dad, she is still a virgin but I know for a fact she had sex with five different men and started having sex when she was in JHS 2. She is now at the university.

I counseled her when her 5th relationship ended and in the process, she developed feelings for me. I wasn’t forthcoming in that stretch until March 2019 when I realized I had feelings for her too. We have not kissed or had sex or exchanged nudes. We just want to do things right.

And I want to inform her dad after us before I make it official. This is a conversation she and I had. I was preaching last year in church when I realized her dad had an uncomfortable look in his eyes. He was staring at someone so I tired looking his gauge; it was his daughter admiring me while I preached. After the service that day, she came and hugged me with all smile and happiness and love in her eyes. Her dad was watching too from a distance and I felt somehow about it. In October 2019, she said she felt her dad was in her room at one dawn, looking through her phone. Since that day, he has been giving me attitude.

He doesn’t put my name on the preaching plan. He tries to do the preaching himself. Or when he has an assignment, he would arrange an outside preacher to speak to the church instead of me. My chats with his daughter are clean conversations.

So I don’t know whether he has changed towards me because I know things about his daughter that he doesn’t or he doesn’t fathom the idea of me trying to be in a relationship with his child. I know he has plans for his children, including marrying them off to well to do men, rich people to be precise. Dave, I am not rich and I earn church salary. It might not be much but its cool.

I love what I do in church and it’s fulfilling. Do you think this is the time to officially go and inform him about my interest in his daughter? Because he has told many people especially the single ladies that I am a great man and any woman would be lucky to have me as her husband.

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